Sunday, December 31, 2006


Stolen title from ntv7's 11 pm programme coming on tonight. Retrospective 2006.

Anyway. not much time left. off to dinner soon so this post should be quick. i hope.

7th post-millenium year has led to probably to most unexpected turning points in my life.
I'll do as of chu xiang's blog... stolen again! >=)

364 days ago till today I've..
learnt how easily I'm influenced as well as my influencial-ity
screwed my college work like never before
became a teacher for half a year in a daycare centre
felt the shackles of a worker's life
started cursing again but curbing slowly
found out about William's
found out that it's all about the MSG
felt the happiness of flying solo
attended 4 raves.. wait was it..? r4.. tiesto.. speedzone.. no 3..
clubbed for the 1st time in my life - james' bday @ ruums-ohmsessions-baxx
found joy in a dance besides shuffling
learnt how to foos
regretted about the other 365 days that have passed me
neglected my bedtime
screwed up my appetite
written songs that are beginning to be acceptable
realised college is not cheap
began to love drinking (not excessively)
seen lots of breathtaking seaviews that people would kill for
realised my guitaring has not improved one bit
started to serve God in a ministry
regretted upon my a-levels external
felt no difference upon entering adulthood
began to backslide... (working back on it with Him =])
celebrated Christmas before the day itself in a church for the 1st time ever
been to a prom that's not of my school
slow danced with a girl
sung to the top of my lungs till it sounds like a girl's voice
sat off a BLUDDY HIGH WATERSLIDE IN A'FAMOSA- no joke. 1st time ever.
tasted the wonder of satay celup
lost my freedom for the past few days and more to come till exams are over.
learnt that God is ever so faithful!
of course, STARTED MY BLOG!

most importantly, i'd definitely say i learnt a lot this year and there will definitely be more to come. 06 may not have been the best year, but it was definitely great enough for my 18th. Thank you Father =). there would've been more cuz im darn sure my list aint that small.. its just the time factor. dinner is ringing but this has been a great year for me. now quickly. this list below might be incomplete. but its the new year's mission *quote Ernest*. not resolutions. too few pixels baby.

Tomorrow onwards I...
want to foos better
know God personally better and stick like glue~~
wanna reunite with my friends
wanna know how to dance better =)
wanna own an LG chocolate vx 8500~~
want to play in a band as well =)
want to continue with this blog as well as my journal!
want an upcoming event in help to happen
want to live 2007 to God's fullest!

God blesS~

Monday, December 25, 2006

Fear to faith.

Dengan umumnya diistyiharkan bahawa Yap Chee Seng, selaku pelajar HELP University College dengan ID pelajarnya, B600065, telah dikurungkan pada 00:00 pagi 24 Disember 2006. Tarikh untuk pelajar ini dibebaskan daripada hukuman tersebut ialah pada pukul 3:31 petang 23 Januari 2007. Maaf kepada pembaca-pembaca ketul (blog) saya yang tidak bisa Bahasa Melayu.

As of 0000 hrs of 24th December 2006, Yap Chee Seng, a student of HELP University College with his student ID number of B600065 has been sentenced to imprisonment till 1531 hrs of 23rd January 2007. My apologies to my beloved blog-readers who do not comprehend Bahasa Melayu.

Anyhooz can you believe any of this? I didn't at first. But yeah here I am. Grounded. I am blamed. For being irresponsible, not punctual, overly-slacking but that was then and now this is the purpose I am solitarily confined. Anyways. I owe this blog and my beloved blog-readers a post on langkawi. thanks to daddy's sony cybershot =) carl-zeiss baby! but.. it will be awhile more till it gets here.

Freedom is calling.

Perseverance is crucial.

Time is running out.

15 days till it all breaks loose. 15 days and 5 months more and it will ALL be over.

Merry christmas. Happy new year.
Faith will be with us, and no longer fear.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Headhunt list - A-Levels Mock Exams.

Physics 3a Practical
Physics 3b Theory
Physics Unit 4
Chemistry 3a Practical
Chemistry 3b Theory
Chemistry Unit 4
English Literature Unit 2 : Frankenstein
English Literature Unit 4 : Things Fall Apart
C3 Mathematics
Statistics 1

Down to four.. Just wait. just wait. Elisa YOU WAIT AR! =P

Saturday, November 25, 2006


As promised. Tonight. We come before His throne with one sole purpose. It is the assembly of young souls heeding His calling. Tonight we are one, as we lift our praises and worship Him with the fullest of all our hearts. HILLSONGS UNITED LIVE SOUTH-EAST ASIA TOUR - MALAYSIA @ SIB KL!

24/11/06 - A night to remember. SIB KL was the place to be. It was only 7:15 p.m. as I was still in search of parking. We got lost in the midst of doing so. That Eastin Hotel area was pretty misleading. Eventually found our way which led to this insane neverending fleet of stairs. It was a biological traffic jam with several walks of life - kids, teens, adults, infants too! The pictures should tell the story of the massive SIB KL. As for United Live, *quotes* No video or audio recording is allowed during the worship service. darn. so you should get the picture - no band pics. no videos of their songs. just us and God.

Hillsong United Live 2006 Tickets!

Told you no audio or video recording during the service right..


It was all over then..

Denise! and.. yun there! in the background on his phone!

Denise again =.= finally my pic =P

Sleek CLK parked behind my hot waja

That was it for their trip down to Malaysia this time as it was for ours this time to SIB KL. They promised a bigger and better encounter. We're praying for it. It was an impacting experience. Joel Houston : "We're just regular people playing music." One night. One purpose. One God. All glory to God!

PS: Like to give a shoutout to my lovely Canon Powershot A430.. couldn't have all these without you. Oh and the lead guitarist that night was Tim.. or something like that.. chatted with him but my senses were failing me.. resulted in communication breakdown.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


will be back.



most importantly. with a new camera.

Headhunt list - A-Levels Mock Exams.

Physics 3a Practical
Physics 3b Theory
Physics Unit 4
Chemistry 3a Practical
Chemistry 3b Theory
Chemistry Unit 4
English Literature Unit 2 : Frankenstein
English Literature Unit 4 : Things Fall Apart
C3 Mathematics
Statistics 1

Just two more weeks.. and a lot more of practice.. Chapter Two. The return.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

new hairdo.

Incase you guys don't notice anything... the HEADER IS GONE~! MWAHAHAHAHA.
YESLA!! yeah.. so my blog got a new hairdo. clean shave though. all thanks to -aletheia-! joseen! thank you SOOO MUCH LA!!! really appreciate your help in trying to guide me to fix my nooby blog... =) cheers~ that's all for now.. oh yeah.. just linked hillsongs and btp to my blog.. be sure to check them out.. neat stuff.. =)


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Victim of tag.

Er honestly. I'm not too good at this whole blogging thing. I can't be sure that after being tagged by jon, will someone that I tag, continue to tag another person? Well screw the possibilities, let's get it on with the tag. Oh I can't help but to share a little on REVEL4TION!

28th October 06, A'Famosa Beach Resort - It was the fastest and furiousEST ride ever. We were on the cheez-joseph-sickcycle-720-convertible-iGallop-elantra. No joke. This baby goes up to XXX km/h (disclosed due to parental guidance). Upon leaving KL at 11, the Northern Lights of Revel4tion in A'Famosa could be seen 10 minutes before 12. It was a blast. Baxx. Soul-T. VS!. What more could I ask for? A time extension for the rave. Everyone else wanted it too. It ended at ONE. WHAT KIND OF RAVE ENDS AT ONE TELL ME?! Pfft. Ridiculous. Seriously. Anyhooz. Thanks you bobs out there who entertained me, joseph and james. Really appreciate your mentality and goofness with your UltimateToys lightsabers.. (the video will be up soon for those who wanna know what's going on..). Long story short, chivased, nasikandared, slept, wokeup, kenasamaned, dulaned, chickenriceballed, dulaned, trafficjamed, most importantly, enjoyed. =) Thanks joseph, james and lim =)

BACK TO THE TAG. Sorry about that. Yes. The two of my WORST bad habits.


Seriously. Not kidding. This year alone, I've had so many broken promises. What happened to all the nights where I was supposed to go to Riley's with my friends? What about that letter you owe Elisa? And your homework?

These are just a few examples. Now for the inner-self-conflict.

Time to do homework! *sits at the study table*
Mmmh.. I feel a calling.. just a little while.. college homework not much oso..
Yeah.. just awhile.. *HANDS ON THE COMPUTER ALREADY*

2 hours later... tired... zzz
What happened to your work??
Wei! No tomoro la! Forgot your A-Levels EXTERNAL EXAM RESULTS?
Yesla ma... I rememberla.. this term very easy wan.. sure can..

The truth is. I'm nowhere further than where I left. I have to kick this. Right now there are so many things. FFXII. Raves. Tuesday's Halloween party. There, I did it again. Whatabout that party you agreed to perform for your a-levels? This lackadaisical attitude is eating me. I need to build up a consumption-resistant-skin.. or this might just be the end of the beginning.. of the end.

Oh. Just realised. Self-confidence deficiency.

This is for real. It's not the kind of self-confidence that I don't have within myself, at least I'm proud to be who I am. It's just that.. when I am caught along with some friends who are currently in an argument with someone else, I'm just a bystander. Witness my conscience.

Situation is, james checked into a hotel. he arrived by cab. James and Lim sorry. Me n Joseph came later with a car and parked outside the hotel, which DID NOT OWN THE CAR PARK (which we were not informed of till the next day). slept, 9 am rise n shine.

cheez : hmm.. theres a piece of sumtin on jo's car.. nvm la.. probably some flyer.

this flyer turned out to be a rm30 saman for NOT PUTTING YOUR PARKING TICKET, ON A SUNDAY! this might be normal for you guys, but for tourists.. don't you think it's a little harsh? so we tried negotiating with the uncle pondok who collects MBMB saman pays.. but no use, his rasuah face overwhelmed the theories of law and righteousness. To appeal for a discounted saman, we needed to go to the main office, TOMORO! wtf? WE HAVE A LIFE YOU MALACCAN. Instead, he insisted we ask of the hotel manager to settle our saman. Not the wisest statement.

Friends : We got samaned outside your hotel. Tried to settle with uncle, but 30 is a hefty sum for us, and to appeal could only be done tomoro, otherwise we had to mail it sometime later (troublesome sial =.=). SO he suggested that you help us settle this because he is only a collector..
Lackadaisical Receptionist : (he's a bob btw) Erh.. well you checked in by cab right?
James n Lim : *nods*
LR : Then how I know that you have another friend coming with his car?
Cheez : Look here pal. It was your fault in the first place for not asking if he HAD a car. In a business where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, enquiring the customer to ensure everything is settled should be a priority. You didn't even CONSIDER to take the initiative to ask James IF he has another friend with a car, or at least, IF he will park a car (since you know of the strict parking violations).
Friends : *looks at the idiot with a dulan face*
Lim : can i please speak with your manager?

*The whole scene repeats itself* Note : I did not voice out upon the first debate with the cb receptionist, but rather a weaker version of my italicized phrase (for some reason, which is my inability to boost self-confidence) against the manager.

Still rather disappointed at this hotel - Seri Costa or sumtin liddat. Do me a favour and blacklist it. Anyways, this is just an example of my helplessness. Many other debates have had me bystanding, as well as having my arms folded. Sometimes, we have to do what is right, and fight for the just as well as the law. - Law of Ueki? lol.. anyways, I really wish these two habits could just die.

Tsong (if you still read my blog..)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I await thy comments... =)

Friday, October 20, 2006


This really caught my eye one day.. I totally love it man! Kudos to S8, Kai you've got marvellous friends man! Be sure to watch part 1 which is right under this, then part 2 aite? Cheers~

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's been about a few weeks since I thought of where I was 1 year back, 2 years back, 3 years.. but when I looked at my brother playing with my ancient playtoy.. it projected a reflection of the past, when I was still in primary school. The times where life was filled with freedom, happiness, love and joy.

I saw myself again at the tuition centre. Alan, Kok Joo, Huey, Jie Wei... the list would go on.. but my memory bank is currently overdrafting. We'd eat and drink and laugh during class.. regardless of whatever the teacher was teaching. This.. playtoy, which *quotes Chee Hong* is something to be proud of, knitted some of my friendship bonds as well as our relationship as siblings very closely.

The Nintendo GAMEBOY! Owh my gosh I could've sworn this was like the foosball, the DOTA, the paintball, the manga and the crocs of our primary school times! Thanks for holding it up Chee Hong.. you can put it down now.. And how many of us were stuck on to...

Pokemon RED! Best-est game ever! I remember my save file being overwritten by jie wei's new one... ARGHHH MY CHARIZARD T.T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

This brings back lots of good times and great memories. Specially dedicated to -H- =). You're never alone even if you're overseas mate. Take care!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yes I shuffle but what this is all about is randomness. Most people do this with an iPod shuffle... but unfortunate people like me can use Windows Media Player instead! *Quotes Isa* : NO CHEATING!

Describe yourself.
"Magic" - Wooo! Zeus!

How has the past 17 years been for you?
"Old Newspaper" - yeah I keep the memories and just can't seem to let go..

What's going on in your mind lately?
"Sick Cycle Carousel" - even my media player knows my mind is screwd!

What has been a great influence to you?
"Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying" - life. i guess..

I am currently...
"Lost Myself In The Way To Close Your Eyes" - SERIOUSLY. NOT CHEATING. this is a trance song by Benjamin Bates... blame my 2gig trance k.

I want someone who is...
"Scandalous" - =P sometimes maybe >.^

I can't stand people who are...
"Parking Lot" - YALA waddaheck... give me pressure when i parking...

What is better to do than to blog now?
"Wherever You Will Go" - follow.. somebody? yer. dam stalkerla.

My blog is all about...
"The Future!" - w00~ now I'm a fortune teller babehhhh (trance song by Silver Liquid)

10 years from now, I might be...
"Silhouettes" - still hanging onto my body?

Shuffling is...
"Time to Come Home" - yess momm... sigh.. only happens at clubs/raves..

Foosball is...
"Silence" - yep. the anticipation of a pullshot. (DJ Tiesto Remix)

"Wonderwall" - oh yesss i love tat song so much >.<

What's your best pick-up line? *Quote Jomi*
"Hollaback Girl" - Er...? B-A-N-A-N-A-S..

Where did you put my wallet? *Jomi again* (dam random.)

What do you do when you see your ex pass by? *Jomi too.* (wahseh personal sial..)
"The Truth" - ...

IF I could turn back time, I would...
"Summer" - everybody loves summer! but Malaysia no difference.

When you're at the movies, and the couple behind you is making obscene noises, you turn around and say... *Jomi =)* (Here goes!)

What are ure prefrences on girls? *Sam asks*
"Solitaire" - =P Answers your question? =)

Your favourite food at 12 midnight *Jomi*
"Tian Tang" - it means heaven by the way. Williams taste a bit like heavenly food =)

What did the beggar do to the rich white man who didn't spare him some change? *Jomi*
"Hardcore Vibes" - Ouch...

For the people out there who read this, I'd like to say...
"Black Balloon" - ... well.. it's one of my few favourites?

How bout YOUR life on shuffle?

- red and black -

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As of the end of September, and with the urge of Mr.Jomi-sama.. I pushed myself to write something.. as a monthly song (or acoustic cover). 2-3 hours later after the chat with Jomi.. I got it nailed down. Not too good.. but something I can definitely improve on. However, the purpose of the song is actually a tribute to the terror strikes of September. God bless the souls of the victims. The lyrics are as below.

September's When I Sleep Again (Take It Away)
This is all
These our lives
you put to waste

I'm awake yet I
I just can't see
All the fear and pain
Cuz blood has covered me

Do you hear us cry?
Do you care at all?
Do they realise that everything
has happened before?

Stop all the world now
and you will see
(Take it away) x 3
Consume yourself with
all your greed to realise it

The fall of the earth
Falls on you
Like a flame
that burns itself up too

You could end this now
and take it all away
Wake me up when this ends -
September's when I sleep again

(Take it away) x 3

All of the killing
the bloodshed and tears
(Take it away) x 3
O human being,
you despise your own race...

Chorus x 2

Take it away...

- Red and black -

Sunday, September 17, 2006


- B A S S -

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Physics test at 1400 hrs - 14/9/06.

Once again I'm striving to focus and gather all my energy to give it all onto my revision. This has probably been the 8436512350093625279490561th time that I attempted to do so and probably failed.

SO. I decided to ask my dad. He's an engineer (why not? Physics A - engineers' pre-requisite) but then my 2nd thoughts clouded my thoughts. *hmm.. what if I get another cheong-hei n winded speech winded like genting highlands liddat..* Nevertheless it was do or die, so 'erm.. '

*Father doesn't even need any sense to know I'm down to ask a question*

"So. Lemme see. What question.." *scans through paper*

'pa wanted to ask you ah..' "which one?" '.. about angular force..'

*Hesitated conversation evolves into our usual debate*
- the debate just comes naturally upon disagreement cuz I just wanna get over with my question and move on, whereas pa always wants to depart more knowledge over to me.. regardless of the question and sometimes regardless of time consumption..

Anyway, fast forward to where I learnt something. I solved my physics questions with his help of course =) got everything done. Then, while I was studying, he came back and started... not paraphrasing but rather emphasizing on the importance of understanding physics.. and the benefits of getting a good lecturer.. and more philosophies..

Through his eyes (as well as his facial expressions), I saw such enthusiasm, passion and the interest as he allows his insight and past experiences to overflow. Sometimes we tend to neglect certain people, be it our family, our relatives, even our friends. Taking things for granted will cause us to be taken for granted as well I believe. I conclude - through the eyes of one, we can see the distinguishable uniqueness of one that could remain a part of our memory.

Thanks pa. =)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cheez Redang Shuffle~

Cheez is bak abit~! wit yet another shuffling video! hoo~!

Okay. 'nuff talk let the captions talk! Enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed the show! Sorry.. if it was a waste of your free time. Just so you guys know.. it's the Melbourne Shuffle..

Where on earth did I learn a dance liddat...? Here of course!

Now as of today, a memorable day to all of us. I dedicate part of my post to the dearly loved and popular, late crocodile hunter, Mr. Steve Irwin, from Australia.
I shall not say much as I did not know him well.. as well as the other fans of his programmes do.. but.. as a token of gratitude and respect to the big contribution he has made to the wildlife world.. *salute*.

God bless your soul, sir.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey Elisa thanks for calling. I really appreciate it. It has certainly been so long since I heard from you and I'm really sorry that I made you kena from that boarding lady.. Just for you, I thought I'd post up.. a song I wrote recently.. I'll try to even include the download for it soon enough but... just some lyrics... and you might know.. what I've been through during this merdeka..

Fireworks and Fallen Hearts.

We are all one tonight..
We are all out tonight..
Lying here on the rooftops waiting for,
A moment of an end & a new beginning..

And where we are, is
nowhere near,
where we have been.
The lights & sounds, you
might have heard,
we all have seen
these fireworks go up,
as fallen hearts breakdown..

These lights are rising,
into the air, they're
burning and
soon disappear to
nothing left but memories of
you and me
the times when we held each
other so closely
will never be the
same like it used to, be as these
fireworks rise up,
as these hearts breakdown.

I wish I could be right there again
to see those fireworks with you...

Yeah.. that's bout it la. Thanks again for calling. Would love to hear from you again =)

-Red and black-

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Have you ever wondered if ever what's written in someone's blog is true or not?
The time and effort spent on this blank canvas.
Is it really worth it?
Sure it does. People come to my blog and have a great time wandering through the posts. It's a great feeling you know?
I know. I wish I did.
It doesn't really matter what's in here. But I just thought I'd bring up an issue.. that could be everyone's personal problem. Would love to thank Jack for enlightening me. Your blog.
Have you lied today?
Have you lied yesterday?
Erm. No.
How about the day before? A week ago?
I don't recall.. Probably not..?
Here's the deal. I know of a friend. Even before we were born to live and tell tales, he was born to die. Why would a friend die just like that?

Monday, July 31, 2006

Hesitation is not a reason.

Not a reason at all.

Catharsis - "
elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression".

In English, it means the breaking down of a complicated matter, by allowing the person affected by the matter to relive the feelings of fear/trauma which caused the complication in order to recover.

I so need it.

It was on your nick so long ago. Too long. Too dumb of me not to notice. Hesistance took me once again. So indecisive to even send you a message... sigh..

See you soon. It's 58 mins left till we celebrate you. Happy birthday. =)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Friday, July 14, 2006

I am a victim of rapid hope-loss. Seriously.

It's late now. Just got done with a ball game which was rather amusing as usual =). It's after 12 when my brain gets hyper while my body is getting more deficient..
Ever wondered how your brain can take your current state onto a huge trip down memory lane so easily? It's not difficult. Personally, I self-feed a emotional playlist.

Right now my fingers are glued to the keyboard. Supposed to be waiting for Nelson to be on so I could support his online game character. Too many thoughts are running through the heavy traffic street of my brain. Kinda reminds me of the Heineken ad, where the dude sees the city around him turn classic.

I have so much in my head right now I feel the need to write a song. Now the only difference is there's no muse. Songwriting has never been so.. empty. Neither has it been for other parts of my life.

Departure. I wonder. How much does a person's presence affect their friends? You see the different categories in different eyes.
You get people - "=/ Hey I'm really gonna miss you, hope to see you soon! Come back quick!!" Then there's the - "Safe trip, hope you travel safe and all the best in your future.."
Also... " Sorry I couldn't be there to wish you personally.."
As well as all the texts... oh those not-to-forget **HUGZZ**
In the end, are these people really close to each other connected by a friendship bond? And what level of friendship are we looking at here?

It hurts to see even your everyday friend that you joke with walk out of your life, never knowing when he/she might be back. It hurts more if you share a childhood with that person. It could hurt even more if you had the above as well as feelings of affection for the departee.

Well. Personally, I think, it's the thought that counts most. Would give the runner-up to sincerity. And the 3rd place to effort. Nevertheless, it hurts to see a friend leave, and being unsure of when he/she might return...

This is a post dedicated to some of my friends who have left the country as well as those who might leave soon.. A little shout out to you guys out there - **I wish I could be where you are right now and I wish you could be where I am right now, as friends we were, as friends we will still be. Here's to all the good times we had and those that are yet to come.

** - To: Jane, Chai Ying, Alan, Victor Bu, Elisa, Chu Xiang, Mun Yee, Yi Kinn, Joan, Joyce, Eugene, Aik Oui and Huey! (Please forgive me if I excluded anyone here, it was honestly not intentional. It's just after 1. My consciousness depreciates.)

Warmest regards,

Chee Seng!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

-Ashley Parker Angel-

Last week I heard this wicked track being played on the radio, well actually I think it's wicked cuz it's got a beat and vocals that sound yellowcard-ish, fast punky riffs and a great bass to it. The only difference is there's no violin in this track.

It all happened when we went to AC one day... or was it William's... nah anyway.. was driving and suddenly..

Radio : And we'll back after this new one, Ashley Parker Angel. *drums intro kicks in*

Me : *inspired by the beat and loud bass* *ponders* woosh nice song... wonder who sang it though..

After some time... arrived at wherever we were supposed to be..

Edwin : Eh just now that song.. quite nice ah.. who sang it?

Me : The drums like yellowcard and the singer like yellowcard a bit one right?

Edwin : Ya ya ya

Me : Umm.. dunola.. the radio dood said Ashley Parker - Angel I think.. (Ashley Parker's a girl right... where got guy's voice 1...)

Few days later, due to missing the stimmage of the song... I decided to look it up.. and download it.. as a result, I made a few conclusions...

1. Ashley Parker is a GUY. Not a girl.
2. Ashley Parker Angel is a SOLO ARTIST. Not a band.
3. Ashley Parker Angel's new single is Let U Go. (Not Ashley Parker - Angel) =.=
4. Ashley Parker Angel was formerly a member of the well-known boy band, O-Town (No0o0o0o0o0o0o0o how can I like a song from an ex-boyband dude....)
5. I still like this track ----> Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go.

Therefore, I decided to post this up.

Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go
Broken promises
but you don't really mind
It's not the first time
and you know it
don't you know
Tell me why it is
you only smile inside
But when you break me
into nothing
don't you know
It's not like
I haven't tried
over and over again
Stupid fights,
wrong or right
I remember when
you came with me that night
We said forever,
that you would never
let me go
Here I am again
with nothing left inside
Know I don't wanna
but I gotta
let you go
You're the one mistake
I really didn't mind
So beautiful, un-
It took me down
Too little and too late
Now I know your kind
You fake it easy
just to please me
Don't you know
It's not like
we haven't tried
over and over again
Sleepless nights,
wrong or right
I gotta let you go
It's you
There's nothing I can do
I guess this is what it's like, when someone lets you go.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Once there was Riley's... then there was AC... now.. coming to a cinema near you.. RC!!

Another foos article?!?!?! Just sick of it. just sick of it. Yeah I get quite sick when I spend more than 2 hours playing foos... The smoothest tables ever, and I'm referring to tables, not desks. Yes, the smoothest tables ever in my opnion actually, so don't blame me if you found a place with smoother tables... your tables are probably made out of ice... or the maintainer probably greases the tablefloor and practically every inch of the table.. or maybe the table is probably made out of eel skin... so that its as slippery as an eel! *lame drum roll* nola.. its probably made out of slippers... thats y its so SLIPERRY.. urgh. my intelligence. Sorry sorry.

And for the non-foosers.. yes, you, sorry I got you lost with the abbreviations. Riley's is no abbreviation but it's a rather nice place to foos at... if you know William's, you'd know Riley's too. Then AC, is otherwised known as Asia Club, right above Asia Cafe.. this is the taylor-ians' notorious hideout... where villains such as Mr.Freeze Foos, Poison Ivy and Penguin Pool, Two-Face with his cigarettes, and Joker with his.... lame jokes! I did not just say that. Yes. Anyway, then there's rack cafe. Somewhere on earth. You look for it. I'm getting too descriptive here.

Anyways, since the last post... I've cut my hair... it's... beyond shortness.. well not bald, but my old-skool spikey hair.. People often relate haircuts or shaving as a renewal, like how people shave their head bald for religious purposes? I do hope this new, I mean new-old-haircut of mine.. might actually bring about some improvements in my stuides.

That's all for now. Oh yeah. For any ravers, shufflers reading this post, expect a rave event in HELP sometime in June or August. The venue is to be confirmed, and so are the other details. Cheers!

sigh... goodbye sweet long hair o' mine.. *sobs*

Song Craving : DJ Dean - Music Is My Life (Dave Joy Remix)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara - On the 26th of April, 3 college students were found guilty of excessive consumption of the following illegal products : 3-Men Morphine, Push n' Pull Procaine, Snake Steroids and Tic-tac Ganjas. These 3 college students, currently studying in HELP University College were found helplessly fidgeting their wrists in trance.

"SnarrKehhh.. snarkehhh..."

Yes, the foosball epidemic has hit us. Me, Tsong, Edwin AND VAL =P. I told myself NEVER NEVER NEVER to get addicted over it. What happen now.. =.= SEE KEN?! SEE KEN?! I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET ME STARTED... but you know ah.. u do the shadowless pump shot, and den a...

Argh... it's college holidays, and we are spending at least 1 hour per day in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) to FOOSSS!! WOOOOO!! But after awhile it gets sick, so we pool, and then FOOOSSSSS!!!

Okay. I've got to stop. Exams are in two weeks. At least it'll soon be over. Just wait. Just you wait you June and August holidays...

Anyways... got my phats... costed RM1XX... aint telling u de real price... here are videos.. of me phat shuffle! CHerrio! Here's to STUDY SLAVERY!

Song Craving - Ganjaguru - Deadbeat


Monday, March 27, 2006

Wooh. I'm back.. after a long... streak of... outdooring... ugh... finally.. some time to chill out in front of my lil' bloggie n rant =) Well... it's not ALL about ranting.. so fun man... I mean.. about what happened since the last entry..

SPM Results... wasn't as devastating as it seemed... another I-didnt-work-hard-enough-for-this-exam feeling... but anyhows... I'm not that disappointed... rather contented.. =) the screwed up thing was that I was freaking ill even before receiving my SPM results... and my body was not recovered till the upcoming Saturday. I was worried. It's Tiesto. Tiesto. Tiesto. *echoes* yea. Tiesto.

OMG LIKE TIESTO, HOW DO I STAY TILL 3 AM IN THE MORNING MAN?! My parents actually scream their heads off when i come home like 12 =.= they restrict me from sleeping over at others' and NOW TIESTO?! gotta be joking pal. beyond their wildest imaginations. Well this kid ain't lettin' this stop him. He be groovin wit de beats. Of. Ties-To.

So my solution was, "Mom, can I sleep over at cousin's place near Sepang after the concert? =P I mean... it'll be so troublesome for me to take a bus from KLIA to Jalan Duta and have you guys fetch me from the station at what, 1130-12ish?!" *Mom ponders awhile* "Okay. BUT JUST BECAUSE YOUR COUSIN IS FETCHING YOU IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SAN GAN PUN YUET ONI GO HOME AR!" "yes mom =D"

And there it went on... =) The night. Was neverending. Never. All you heard was. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Acid. Acid. Acid. Acid. Acid. Acid. Garam. Garam. Garam. OKAY SORRY I HAD TO LAME AWHILE. =/ Okay as I was saying... the event kicked off wit Derb & Drum Connection showing off wit their electric saws... they actually SAW metal pipes to make that buzz effect! LIKE OMG! Then this local DJ, I think, he was called DJ Milk (well I ASSUME it's milk cuz he was wearing a MiLk T-shirt man!).

So yada yada yada milk goes off, then u get this whole... TIESTO.. TIESTO.. TIESTO.. TIESTO chant... and then u see... the huge LCDs go... 10 beep 9 beep 8 beep 7 beep 6 beep 5 beep 4 beep 3 beep 2 beep 1 beep 0 black. *some trance effects play* BASS BASS BASS BASS LIKE OMG... and u actually see fireworks... n it just got better on and on... and of course... ended with Traffic... u can't get enough of it... and OMG BLAZING FIREBALL FIREWORKS!! =D Never before seen in my life... honestly... prettier than Merdeka ones =) prolly cuz my 1st time seeing huge fireball ones...

Anyway down wit Tiesto and on wit my voyage in search of phats... current status : idle. Yes. On hold lol. Life is. Okay. Electric Guitar is COMING IN BABY!!! YEAHH!!!! And ooohhh finally serving in church for Holy Communion! =) This is the chill time... yet this is the stress time... thanks to Kanala... wtf... can't understand your BLUDDY HESS LAWLA!!! SAVE IT FOR SUM OTHER CHEMIST! I can't take it... =/

Gah... be back soon... this is a rather dull post... o well.. the other nice ones will fill the space =)

Song Craving : Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance

Monday, March 13, 2006

Argh... how do I live with a limping streamyx connection... stupid... can't even play blue properly... sienz.. anyway.. just decided to throw in this last message before... it ends.

It was nice knowing all of you guys, my friends out there... Here's to the last few moments of happiness..

Song Craving : Everytime We Touch - Cascada

Within 10-11 hours more... zZzzZzz

Monday, March 06, 2006

Another day without college... Hee hee I just realised what the word LIBERTY meant. And OH OH OH YEAAAAAAAAA I FINALLY passed my road test!! =) I know, I could've passed on my first try... but you know, there are such things as mean-man-eating-sadistic-AND-NOT-TO-MENTION-CB road testers... yeah... so thank goodness I got this nice dude this morning, though i got yelled at for... stalling a bus lane ahahha... who wouldnt huh?

For those who have not sat for their road test, or those who are going to, here's a few unofficial tips...

1: make sure you are comfortable before hitting the road (loosen urself. seriously helps a lot.)
2: make sure the road tester is comfortable before hitting the road as well as throughout the whole trip.
3: DO THE RIGHT THING. u noe what i mean. checkup before leaving... 5 marks there..
4: if the road tester is in his own trance, his own world, or doing his own business... you no longer need to read the following steps.
5: if the road tester is chatting with you, you just might get lucky and require no more re-tests.
6: Pray it all works out fine. =)

Goodness... SPM results... whateverla.. I just need some therapy to get me pumped to prepare myself for it... and besides that, this is the only thing I'm looking forward to now.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lately i've been suffering from some lack of sleep syndrome... though it seems i'm beginning to get hooked on to things i'm not supposed 2 be hooked on to.. i wanna foos.. but im not good at it... i wanna DOTA!!! but i've got not enough time.. i wanna write songs... but there's no inspiration...

see.. that's what life is ALL ABOUT.. you don't exactly get what you want.. cuz if you did, it wouldn't be life.. you'd have to WORK for it.. though faith and action plays a VERY different role here.. okai... enough of being so forum-like... gotta talk about this crazy dude in the bus today. This kid wearing a Chung Hwa High School uniform is sleeping. Kay he sleeps at the corner of the bus, which was near where Ed, Keyang and I were sitting.. so this dude is sleeping, did u hear me? sleeping. yes. sleeping. ok so the bus is moving and his head is facing the floor, with no support at all at the bottom, yes you could say his head was hanging, literally swinging slightly like a pendulum, due to the shakiness in the bus. Then it kinda got worse whenever the bus would come upon a bump on the road, and his head swings vertically, seriously. it's like... some rocker dude sleep-headbanging.

Caution : Sleep-headbangers ahead.

Yeah, you need a sign like that incase anything happened man.. what if he bangs his head and crack the chair in front of him?? And what if the inersia were so great that his head acts as a pivot point for the rest of his body to flip OVER himself and land with no protective gear and what not? People, this is what I'm talking about, SAFETY FIRST! That's right, rubber please! Don't ASSUME or estimate, cuz you're dam right I am guy and I know well enough guy have egos so high they don't even need to ask others. The decision is always made by minds that do not strain any of the brain muscles to THINK wisely before acting.

Okay, moving away from the infomercial. Life moves on. Everyday. Oh did I mention I just earned myself a one way ticket to groundome? Yes that is a noun that means being grounded. Two nights in a row for being out, and that's all you need, a recipe for groundome. What is the world coming to man..? College spells freedom and liberty. Not GROUNDOME. Man. Sienla rot at home. Like 1-2 hrs out would hurt me. LIKE ID DO HOMEWORK ON A WEEKDAY?! ROFLZ.. O well.. I live with this. It's not much, but it's my life =)

Sleepy adi la... mebe I need a lil dota before i sleep kekeke... YES YOU DO CHEEZZZZ =)

Oh, and... she didn't kill me this time. I do suppose it IS getting better. Life moves on eh?

Song Craving : Wids & Ben - Absolution

Here's a pic of my fren's phats... wicked wicked stuff... =) Soung from Sri KL. You wicked dude.

That's the wayla. Fire tha oni way you blaze babeeee..