Sunday, August 27, 2006

Have you ever wondered if ever what's written in someone's blog is true or not?
The time and effort spent on this blank canvas.
Is it really worth it?
Sure it does. People come to my blog and have a great time wandering through the posts. It's a great feeling you know?
I know. I wish I did.
It doesn't really matter what's in here. But I just thought I'd bring up an issue.. that could be everyone's personal problem. Would love to thank Jack for enlightening me. Your blog.
Have you lied today?
Have you lied yesterday?
Erm. No.
How about the day before? A week ago?
I don't recall.. Probably not..?
Here's the deal. I know of a friend. Even before we were born to live and tell tales, he was born to die. Why would a friend die just like that?