Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the price to pay...


Actually i also dono what's the price to pay. Until today. Maths was gruesome. Starting to think if I'm on the right boat..

On the other hand I wanted to try something funky today. Decided to look for my fugly shuffling videos online by typing 'cheezzzz' into youtube's search field and.. it wasn't me on the most relevant result!

Wtf beautacious123. That's like some beautiful delicious hybridatus (wtf?).

And who the heck actually uses the term cheez, not to mention with FOUR Zs?!?!

is it worth the freedom?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 Corinthians 9:8

First of all a shoutout to the loyal readers of my blog!! (sif I had any..)

Right. Anyways, how y'all doing. The games officially begin tomorrow, kicking off with English for Engineering. I am still on hiatus. But I just realised that if I don't share that means I don't care.

Share whatlaaa. Somebody gave me two free tickets to 2 Days of Freedom @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson!! Wat is this 2 days thing...

It's a rave party la! featuring awesome acts like Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Cosmic Gate YO!! And for the first time ever, it's TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! I would love to go on being descriptive about the DJs but I need my sleep. And oh happy birthday Caleb. Heh.

Oh right. I almost forgot. Thanks FLY FM! I mean, thanks Jesus!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Blogging daily isn't as easy it seems now I know.. some of you may have noticed whereas the rest of the world couldn't be bothered that wicked wednesday #3 was not posted..

No it's not in my drafts. I'm just damn disorientated now. With less than a week to go till my finals wtf am I still doing?

Thanks for dropping by my blog guys, it really means a lot to me. From the tone of this post you can tell I've got my one way ticket to hiatus street.


Monday, April 14, 2008


About that entry about my aunt's housewarming, it'll just have to wait. Though I have good news that my com is up and running again! AWESOMEEE.

Anyways, I don't know if you guys ever experience what I do when I see people I know on the media and go like "EH I KNOW THAT GUY/GIRL!" *jumps up and down in excitement* okay maybe without the excessive excitement..

Sometimes you can't help but just feel a weee bit jealous of these people don't you think?

Okay I don't know KennySia personally but... I DO KNOW WHO THIS IS.

I know you're popular la Shaz... but an advertisement taking up an entire page of The Star??? Anyways, it's a great pic and yes I'm a big jakun. *reverts back to human*

Eh who the _(#*!@_# wrote this entry?

Friday, April 11, 2008

do or die? die by doing tho..

Again, to those looking forward to an interesting post by me, I apologize. However, there are reasons to why I may not be able to continue my sudden-outburst-blogging-streak.

1. I've a lot to catchup with.
My study break just (legally) began actually and being the awesome student I am, I can never seem to keep up with my syllabus. The best part is exam starts on the 23rd of April! AWESOME. And I have like.. 5 subjects (excluding English)? Thermodynamics, Material Science, Maths, Statics and Principles of Electric and Electronics.. Awesome right.. exams end on the 6th of May - followed by TIESTO ON THE 8TH AND 9TH WOOhoOOOOO~

It doesn't stop there. I'm attending camp today, sleeping over for the night. Then tomorrow got church worship practice in the afternoon, Trance Party @ Central Park in the evening which clashes with Planetshakers @ FGA KL which also clashes with malam kebudayaan of our keahlian camp.. Isn't it just great how we can only be at one place at a time?

2. I actually favour Facebook over my own blog.
Yes it's true. I seem to enjoy poker and mob wars over my own blog. hah. Yes I'm very sad. playing with facebook games instead of blogging and GETTING A LIFE.

3. I have no mood wth?
Yeah really la. Sometimes after that LOOOOOONG DAY of studying at the LIBRARYYY~ all you really want is just a bed to lie on, friends to play games with (i.e. ultimate) and someone to tell you that they really love you wtf?


5. *Ranting is better than blogging!
Wayyyy better lorh. This isn't even a post to begin with! It's a complete rant! So why blog when you can rant? Vent your boredom and stoner-ism by ranting today! *Terms and conditions apply.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

wicked wednesday #2

Hmm. I realised there's a backdated post. My aunt's housewarming ceremony in Penang. Just moved in to an awesome high-end condo - Gurney 11, which is on your right if you stay in Gurney Hotel.. facing the sea that is.

Anyways, I don't really recall much.. but I do hope the pictures will be able to trigger some thoughts.


Sorry for the turbulence.. actually my com IS back already, it's just that it kept hanging.. even after that repair that cost about 300 bucks.. fix everything still got problem.. hard disk going to be corrupted soon.. so until things get any better.. this is yours truly filling in for WICKED WEDNESDAY~~ heh.

Friday, April 04, 2008


like what I am now. like my fingers onto my keyboard. like my eyes unto this idiot box.

stuck is me wandering around only to realise that I'm back at square one.

For some reason I have just spent the half an hour in front of my own blog, not even considering to blog (but thank God here I am doing it right now). What is this momentary idleness? Building castles in the air, being in 7th heaven, riding your ponies, counting your sheeps - daydreaming (wait sheep counting is sleeping..).

Anyway, what a funny feeling or moment or whateverjazzitmaybe. Though there's a negative feel within right now..

forget it.whyisitalwaysyourresponsibility.whoseisitthen.youshouldknowbetter.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wicked wednesday

I'm blogging again! weeeeeeeeeee~ okay I admit it feels really good to blog so often again :D but sure there are people asking..

Q: Eh you got nothing better to do everyday but blog?
A: NO. I DO have better things to do in life, blogging is just one of them.

Q: Whatever happened to picture posts? And what's been happening in your life la?
A: My camera died okay. Brilliantly I took upclose shots of waves in Redang one year back which killed my A430. A lot of things happening in my life - I've got friends that are happening.. happening events going on.. honestly maybe I've not been meeting up with people except uni friends, or even when I do I hardly make a record out of it, take pictures etc..

Q: So why bother blogging about other stuff, I mean a blog is about your life isn't it?
A: Yes it is about my life. Life is about making choices. I choose to blog about my passion, what I enjoy doing :D and once in awhile, hopefully, I'll blog about my life (when I get a new cam).

Q: What makes you think people will bother reading this?
A: Nothing. I'm just pen-ing my thoughts down. It's like when you get this awesome tune in your head you HAVE to write a song or at least record yourself humming the.. ok NVM I don't think any of you know what I'm talking about..

Oh, I've decided to upgrade my fortnightly habit of blogging to a weekly thing! and this is the first of it! It's titled Wicked Wednesday (sue me again for being cheesy). Anyways, here goes!

Taking Back Sunday. The Starting Line. Mae. Motion City Soundtrack. Relient K. Sound familiar? No? Then try youtube-ing them. You'll like what you hear :D If you're a fan of the aforementioned artists, you will love sceneatthemovies.

Who are these people? Yup, my thoughts exactly when I first heard one of their tracks, Sunsets and Sketches. What kind of music is this? Honestly, it's what I call uplifting/electic or 'driving' music. Think Fall Out Boy, Story of The Year.. spinning with their guitars, excessive jumping and prancing around on stage with absolutely euphoric tunes. Ok.. that's nice, but what do they really sound like? Glad you asked. Click on the picture above or visit this site - Garagebands.

Hey you haven't answered my first question! Who are these people?!?! Okay hopefully by the time you get to here you've heard at least one of their tracks. Sceneatthemovies are Rohan (bass + vocals), David (drums) and Dharen (guitar + vocals). The rest of the band's history lies in their myspace. Formerly known as Keepers Arms, the trio started out as an acoustic army of three and slowly progressed to become what they are today - sceneatthemovies.

Is this one of your cheap efforts to promote something else so you can get more hits? Er no. I'm actually very fkin amazed by sceneatthemovies. I love euphoric stuff, stuff that touch your core. What more to write music like this - it's like a dream. And they made it a reality! I suppose you can say this is my favourite local band, along the others like Aural Joint :D

My opinion : Anyone and everyone should check them out, even if you don't know the bands listed above. Malaysian music at its best. This is just a beginning of the euphoric movement.

And the cheez-o-meter gives a 5 out of 5. For