Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wicked wednesday

I'm blogging again! weeeeeeeeeee~ okay I admit it feels really good to blog so often again :D but sure there are people asking..

Q: Eh you got nothing better to do everyday but blog?
A: NO. I DO have better things to do in life, blogging is just one of them.

Q: Whatever happened to picture posts? And what's been happening in your life la?
A: My camera died okay. Brilliantly I took upclose shots of waves in Redang one year back which killed my A430. A lot of things happening in my life - I've got friends that are happening.. happening events going on.. honestly maybe I've not been meeting up with people except uni friends, or even when I do I hardly make a record out of it, take pictures etc..

Q: So why bother blogging about other stuff, I mean a blog is about your life isn't it?
A: Yes it is about my life. Life is about making choices. I choose to blog about my passion, what I enjoy doing :D and once in awhile, hopefully, I'll blog about my life (when I get a new cam).

Q: What makes you think people will bother reading this?
A: Nothing. I'm just pen-ing my thoughts down. It's like when you get this awesome tune in your head you HAVE to write a song or at least record yourself humming the.. ok NVM I don't think any of you know what I'm talking about..

Oh, I've decided to upgrade my fortnightly habit of blogging to a weekly thing! and this is the first of it! It's titled Wicked Wednesday (sue me again for being cheesy). Anyways, here goes!

Taking Back Sunday. The Starting Line. Mae. Motion City Soundtrack. Relient K. Sound familiar? No? Then try youtube-ing them. You'll like what you hear :D If you're a fan of the aforementioned artists, you will love sceneatthemovies.

Who are these people? Yup, my thoughts exactly when I first heard one of their tracks, Sunsets and Sketches. What kind of music is this? Honestly, it's what I call uplifting/electic or 'driving' music. Think Fall Out Boy, Story of The Year.. spinning with their guitars, excessive jumping and prancing around on stage with absolutely euphoric tunes. Ok.. that's nice, but what do they really sound like? Glad you asked. Click on the picture above or visit this site - Garagebands.

Hey you haven't answered my first question! Who are these people?!?! Okay hopefully by the time you get to here you've heard at least one of their tracks. Sceneatthemovies are Rohan (bass + vocals), David (drums) and Dharen (guitar + vocals). The rest of the band's history lies in their myspace. Formerly known as Keepers Arms, the trio started out as an acoustic army of three and slowly progressed to become what they are today - sceneatthemovies.

Is this one of your cheap efforts to promote something else so you can get more hits? Er no. I'm actually very fkin amazed by sceneatthemovies. I love euphoric stuff, stuff that touch your core. What more to write music like this - it's like a dream. And they made it a reality! I suppose you can say this is my favourite local band, along the others like Aural Joint :D

My opinion : Anyone and everyone should check them out, even if you don't know the bands listed above. Malaysian music at its best. This is just a beginning of the euphoric movement.

And the cheez-o-meter gives a 5 out of 5. For

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