Friday, May 12, 2006

Once there was Riley's... then there was AC... now.. coming to a cinema near you.. RC!!

Another foos article?!?!?! Just sick of it. just sick of it. Yeah I get quite sick when I spend more than 2 hours playing foos... The smoothest tables ever, and I'm referring to tables, not desks. Yes, the smoothest tables ever in my opnion actually, so don't blame me if you found a place with smoother tables... your tables are probably made out of ice... or the maintainer probably greases the tablefloor and practically every inch of the table.. or maybe the table is probably made out of eel skin... so that its as slippery as an eel! *lame drum roll* nola.. its probably made out of slippers... thats y its so SLIPERRY.. urgh. my intelligence. Sorry sorry.

And for the non-foosers.. yes, you, sorry I got you lost with the abbreviations. Riley's is no abbreviation but it's a rather nice place to foos at... if you know William's, you'd know Riley's too. Then AC, is otherwised known as Asia Club, right above Asia Cafe.. this is the taylor-ians' notorious hideout... where villains such as Mr.Freeze Foos, Poison Ivy and Penguin Pool, Two-Face with his cigarettes, and Joker with his.... lame jokes! I did not just say that. Yes. Anyway, then there's rack cafe. Somewhere on earth. You look for it. I'm getting too descriptive here.

Anyways, since the last post... I've cut my hair... it's... beyond shortness.. well not bald, but my old-skool spikey hair.. People often relate haircuts or shaving as a renewal, like how people shave their head bald for religious purposes? I do hope this new, I mean new-old-haircut of mine.. might actually bring about some improvements in my stuides.

That's all for now. Oh yeah. For any ravers, shufflers reading this post, expect a rave event in HELP sometime in June or August. The venue is to be confirmed, and so are the other details. Cheers!

sigh... goodbye sweet long hair o' mine.. *sobs*

Song Craving : DJ Dean - Music Is My Life (Dave Joy Remix)