Monday, February 09, 2009


because this blog needs so much more of it.

Okay, the frequency of me blogging has reduce tremendously, and there is a reason. I have a crucial sem. Seriously. Cannot afford to fail a single paper and it doesn't help with a lecturer that comes in on Day 1 to tell you that the passing rate is an average of 50% of the class. I had to disagree with that fact until she started teaching.. help.

It's like her tongue has a mind of its own. Like a u leady to lok? (are u ready to rock?)

Anyways.. if there are still readers out there, this one's for you guys :D

Tysern and ChongX!
NTU McD's.. will never forget the awesome curry sauce *drools.

Wei Jin.Jie.Ping.FrostyN1pples.DeRen

Nyatoh.. well at least part of it..
1 in India..1 in UK.. 1 in Tasmania.. The rest of us we still here :D

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE going on..regardless guy or girl :P

NN Silent Halloween Dance Party
Congrats on your phone dei.

NN Sharing Session @ Italiannies Gardens

Freedom Elite!!
(If you knew what happened just pretend you don't :P)*
*inside joke

Spending Christmas holidays with AFC and ladies at King George's.

Jane's 21st @ Michaelangelo, Solaris

Jason's farewell @ NYNY 1 Utama.

Some people have compact digicams, some have DSLRS, some have bridge cameras, some have camcorders. I don't. But we all have memories that eventually fade. It's our choice to preserve them to remind us of who we once were and who we are today :D Whatever posted today, is only a tip off the iceberg of the many blessings in my life that I'm really thankful for.

PS: Don't look for your picture lah. It's one that will never fade off my mind and my heart :)