Saturday, July 25, 2009


exactly my reaction when I found out I could actually update. I almost forgot what it feels like to blog.. baby thanks for reminding me. :) You too, lynn!

Just realised I've been blogging once a month for this year, up till May and stopped ever since. If you're wondering, we're two months away from our one year anniversary :)

Life has been great, pretty routine-ish - but always awesome. Abby and I have been seeing each other once a month, on an average la. We've been places, seen faces, but we can't beat time - when it races looollowthrhyme some rhyme.

But yeah, we're a lot lot lot lottttttt stronger now. :) He's with us all the way.

It has been an awesome 10 months and I can't wait till we see each other again.. 12 more days. :)

It wasn't easy la.. n I know this isn't anything special but because of you this, and many other things in my life were made possible. This is for you :) I love you.