Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's been about a few weeks since I thought of where I was 1 year back, 2 years back, 3 years.. but when I looked at my brother playing with my ancient playtoy.. it projected a reflection of the past, when I was still in primary school. The times where life was filled with freedom, happiness, love and joy.

I saw myself again at the tuition centre. Alan, Kok Joo, Huey, Jie Wei... the list would go on.. but my memory bank is currently overdrafting. We'd eat and drink and laugh during class.. regardless of whatever the teacher was teaching. This.. playtoy, which *quotes Chee Hong* is something to be proud of, knitted some of my friendship bonds as well as our relationship as siblings very closely.

The Nintendo GAMEBOY! Owh my gosh I could've sworn this was like the foosball, the DOTA, the paintball, the manga and the crocs of our primary school times! Thanks for holding it up Chee Hong.. you can put it down now.. And how many of us were stuck on to...

Pokemon RED! Best-est game ever! I remember my save file being overwritten by jie wei's new one... ARGHHH MY CHARIZARD T.T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

This brings back lots of good times and great memories. Specially dedicated to -H- =). You're never alone even if you're overseas mate. Take care!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yes I shuffle but what this is all about is randomness. Most people do this with an iPod shuffle... but unfortunate people like me can use Windows Media Player instead! *Quotes Isa* : NO CHEATING!

Describe yourself.
"Magic" - Wooo! Zeus!

How has the past 17 years been for you?
"Old Newspaper" - yeah I keep the memories and just can't seem to let go..

What's going on in your mind lately?
"Sick Cycle Carousel" - even my media player knows my mind is screwd!

What has been a great influence to you?
"Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying" - life. i guess..

I am currently...
"Lost Myself In The Way To Close Your Eyes" - SERIOUSLY. NOT CHEATING. this is a trance song by Benjamin Bates... blame my 2gig trance k.

I want someone who is...
"Scandalous" - =P sometimes maybe >.^

I can't stand people who are...
"Parking Lot" - YALA waddaheck... give me pressure when i parking...

What is better to do than to blog now?
"Wherever You Will Go" - follow.. somebody? yer. dam stalkerla.

My blog is all about...
"The Future!" - w00~ now I'm a fortune teller babehhhh (trance song by Silver Liquid)

10 years from now, I might be...
"Silhouettes" - still hanging onto my body?

Shuffling is...
"Time to Come Home" - yess momm... sigh.. only happens at clubs/raves..

Foosball is...
"Silence" - yep. the anticipation of a pullshot. (DJ Tiesto Remix)

"Wonderwall" - oh yesss i love tat song so much >.<

What's your best pick-up line? *Quote Jomi*
"Hollaback Girl" - Er...? B-A-N-A-N-A-S..

Where did you put my wallet? *Jomi again* (dam random.)

What do you do when you see your ex pass by? *Jomi too.* (wahseh personal sial..)
"The Truth" - ...

IF I could turn back time, I would...
"Summer" - everybody loves summer! but Malaysia no difference.

When you're at the movies, and the couple behind you is making obscene noises, you turn around and say... *Jomi =)* (Here goes!)

What are ure prefrences on girls? *Sam asks*
"Solitaire" - =P Answers your question? =)

Your favourite food at 12 midnight *Jomi*
"Tian Tang" - it means heaven by the way. Williams taste a bit like heavenly food =)

What did the beggar do to the rich white man who didn't spare him some change? *Jomi*
"Hardcore Vibes" - Ouch...

For the people out there who read this, I'd like to say...
"Black Balloon" - ... well.. it's one of my few favourites?

How bout YOUR life on shuffle?

- red and black -

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As of the end of September, and with the urge of Mr.Jomi-sama.. I pushed myself to write something.. as a monthly song (or acoustic cover). 2-3 hours later after the chat with Jomi.. I got it nailed down. Not too good.. but something I can definitely improve on. However, the purpose of the song is actually a tribute to the terror strikes of September. God bless the souls of the victims. The lyrics are as below.

September's When I Sleep Again (Take It Away)
This is all
These our lives
you put to waste

I'm awake yet I
I just can't see
All the fear and pain
Cuz blood has covered me

Do you hear us cry?
Do you care at all?
Do they realise that everything
has happened before?

Stop all the world now
and you will see
(Take it away) x 3
Consume yourself with
all your greed to realise it

The fall of the earth
Falls on you
Like a flame
that burns itself up too

You could end this now
and take it all away
Wake me up when this ends -
September's when I sleep again

(Take it away) x 3

All of the killing
the bloodshed and tears
(Take it away) x 3
O human being,
you despise your own race...

Chorus x 2

Take it away...

- Red and black -

Sunday, September 17, 2006


- B A S S -

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Physics test at 1400 hrs - 14/9/06.

Once again I'm striving to focus and gather all my energy to give it all onto my revision. This has probably been the 8436512350093625279490561th time that I attempted to do so and probably failed.

SO. I decided to ask my dad. He's an engineer (why not? Physics A - engineers' pre-requisite) but then my 2nd thoughts clouded my thoughts. *hmm.. what if I get another cheong-hei n winded speech winded like genting highlands liddat..* Nevertheless it was do or die, so 'erm.. '

*Father doesn't even need any sense to know I'm down to ask a question*

"So. Lemme see. What question.." *scans through paper*

'pa wanted to ask you ah..' "which one?" '.. about angular force..'

*Hesitated conversation evolves into our usual debate*
- the debate just comes naturally upon disagreement cuz I just wanna get over with my question and move on, whereas pa always wants to depart more knowledge over to me.. regardless of the question and sometimes regardless of time consumption..

Anyway, fast forward to where I learnt something. I solved my physics questions with his help of course =) got everything done. Then, while I was studying, he came back and started... not paraphrasing but rather emphasizing on the importance of understanding physics.. and the benefits of getting a good lecturer.. and more philosophies..

Through his eyes (as well as his facial expressions), I saw such enthusiasm, passion and the interest as he allows his insight and past experiences to overflow. Sometimes we tend to neglect certain people, be it our family, our relatives, even our friends. Taking things for granted will cause us to be taken for granted as well I believe. I conclude - through the eyes of one, we can see the distinguishable uniqueness of one that could remain a part of our memory.

Thanks pa. =)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cheez Redang Shuffle~

Cheez is bak abit~! wit yet another shuffling video! hoo~!

Okay. 'nuff talk let the captions talk! Enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed the show! Sorry.. if it was a waste of your free time. Just so you guys know.. it's the Melbourne Shuffle..

Where on earth did I learn a dance liddat...? Here of course!

Now as of today, a memorable day to all of us. I dedicate part of my post to the dearly loved and popular, late crocodile hunter, Mr. Steve Irwin, from Australia.
I shall not say much as I did not know him well.. as well as the other fans of his programmes do.. but.. as a token of gratitude and respect to the big contribution he has made to the wildlife world.. *salute*.

God bless your soul, sir.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey Elisa thanks for calling. I really appreciate it. It has certainly been so long since I heard from you and I'm really sorry that I made you kena from that boarding lady.. Just for you, I thought I'd post up.. a song I wrote recently.. I'll try to even include the download for it soon enough but... just some lyrics... and you might know.. what I've been through during this merdeka..

Fireworks and Fallen Hearts.

We are all one tonight..
We are all out tonight..
Lying here on the rooftops waiting for,
A moment of an end & a new beginning..

And where we are, is
nowhere near,
where we have been.
The lights & sounds, you
might have heard,
we all have seen
these fireworks go up,
as fallen hearts breakdown..

These lights are rising,
into the air, they're
burning and
soon disappear to
nothing left but memories of
you and me
the times when we held each
other so closely
will never be the
same like it used to, be as these
fireworks rise up,
as these hearts breakdown.

I wish I could be right there again
to see those fireworks with you...

Yeah.. that's bout it la. Thanks again for calling. Would love to hear from you again =)

-Red and black-