Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey Elisa thanks for calling. I really appreciate it. It has certainly been so long since I heard from you and I'm really sorry that I made you kena from that boarding lady.. Just for you, I thought I'd post up.. a song I wrote recently.. I'll try to even include the download for it soon enough but... just some lyrics... and you might know.. what I've been through during this merdeka..

Fireworks and Fallen Hearts.

We are all one tonight..
We are all out tonight..
Lying here on the rooftops waiting for,
A moment of an end & a new beginning..

And where we are, is
nowhere near,
where we have been.
The lights & sounds, you
might have heard,
we all have seen
these fireworks go up,
as fallen hearts breakdown..

These lights are rising,
into the air, they're
burning and
soon disappear to
nothing left but memories of
you and me
the times when we held each
other so closely
will never be the
same like it used to, be as these
fireworks rise up,
as these hearts breakdown.

I wish I could be right there again
to see those fireworks with you...

Yeah.. that's bout it la. Thanks again for calling. Would love to hear from you again =)

-Red and black-


mak said...

omg... such a sweet song. good job good job!

and i'm so happy you finally posted a new entry after soooo long!

my pleasure to call n ill call u soon again. u didn't get me in trouble. that lady was just being a trouble maker. for that, i became a lil kid and showed my temper by slamming the door. it was funny. hehe.

anyway, take care and dun so emo emo kayz? cheer up and like, be like me! a kid again-care-free and just have fun!

debra fong said...


anyways,good job on the lyrics cheeez.send me the songggg!=)