Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yes I shuffle but what this is all about is randomness. Most people do this with an iPod shuffle... but unfortunate people like me can use Windows Media Player instead! *Quotes Isa* : NO CHEATING!

Describe yourself.
"Magic" - Wooo! Zeus!

How has the past 17 years been for you?
"Old Newspaper" - yeah I keep the memories and just can't seem to let go..

What's going on in your mind lately?
"Sick Cycle Carousel" - even my media player knows my mind is screwd!

What has been a great influence to you?
"Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying" - life. i guess..

I am currently...
"Lost Myself In The Way To Close Your Eyes" - SERIOUSLY. NOT CHEATING. this is a trance song by Benjamin Bates... blame my 2gig trance k.

I want someone who is...
"Scandalous" - =P sometimes maybe >.^

I can't stand people who are...
"Parking Lot" - YALA waddaheck... give me pressure when i parking...

What is better to do than to blog now?
"Wherever You Will Go" - follow.. somebody? yer. dam stalkerla.

My blog is all about...
"The Future!" - w00~ now I'm a fortune teller babehhhh (trance song by Silver Liquid)

10 years from now, I might be...
"Silhouettes" - still hanging onto my body?

Shuffling is...
"Time to Come Home" - yess momm... sigh.. only happens at clubs/raves..

Foosball is...
"Silence" - yep. the anticipation of a pullshot. (DJ Tiesto Remix)

"Wonderwall" - oh yesss i love tat song so much >.<

What's your best pick-up line? *Quote Jomi*
"Hollaback Girl" - Er...? B-A-N-A-N-A-S..

Where did you put my wallet? *Jomi again* (dam random.)

What do you do when you see your ex pass by? *Jomi too.* (wahseh personal sial..)
"The Truth" - ...

IF I could turn back time, I would...
"Summer" - everybody loves summer! but Malaysia no difference.

When you're at the movies, and the couple behind you is making obscene noises, you turn around and say... *Jomi =)* (Here goes!)

What are ure prefrences on girls? *Sam asks*
"Solitaire" - =P Answers your question? =)

Your favourite food at 12 midnight *Jomi*
"Tian Tang" - it means heaven by the way. Williams taste a bit like heavenly food =)

What did the beggar do to the rich white man who didn't spare him some change? *Jomi*
"Hardcore Vibes" - Ouch...

For the people out there who read this, I'd like to say...
"Black Balloon" - ... well.. it's one of my few favourites?

How bout YOUR life on shuffle?

- red and black -

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