Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm just so glad you're here :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

WOOOOOOT ANOTHER PARTYYY!! Nuffnang and Nokia presents XpressMusic Silent Halloween party happening at Borneo Baruk Club this coming 1st November!

Actually I'm really excited to know what they mean by a silent party (yes you defined it but will it work?).. anyways, I'll leave your imagination to wander now..

problem is.. what to wear?

*sounded like a girl for awhile there..

Yeah seriously. What to wear wei.

*thinks hard..

hmm okay gotta be special, gotta stand out from the crowd.. CANNOT BE LAME (I RECALL COMING TO AN ANIMAL COSTUME PARTY DRESSED UP AS A *PEN-THER* *dies of lameness helpp).. yeah. so.. okay checklist!

nop. hair not long enough.

err.. you think I still look like that ar?

no. please. half the club will be filled with these jokers.
forgive the pun :P

WTF dam random.
though I don't know which is scarier.. the one on the left or..


AHA. there's an idea!

Dam wei. anyone know where I can get this in Malaysia?
there's just something about masks.. I might just go and find the mask.










LOL not THIS mask.

oh yeah this is cool too.. but again.. cliched.. like the jokers..

*also heard that its not cheap to get one of these..

... yeah. I thought so too.

So er.. okay I think I'll come in a mask if I can get one..

little sneak previews for those who love trailers..


Obviously to a certain point I would love to win the You-Made-Us-Pee-Our-Pants Award and the I-Want-My-Mommy Award! My bro could really use a music phone cuz we don't own mp3 players.. and he uses them to drum.. hmmm.. but honestly out of so many people I know.. I think I know who deserves to win it - even before seeing them in their costume.

Yeap! Some of you know her too :D


okay I made that up. but Jess - you rock la really, I haven't seen a creepier costume than yours wei. maybe I'm just not that a creepy person after all.

...on second thought I should just come as myself.

But seriouslyla. I think this person would so win both the awards lor.

The You-Made-Us-Pee-Our-Pants Award and the I-Want-My-Mommy Award goes to!


PS: Bro please don't cut my ads. please X.x

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

kid? no. teen? no. adult? no.

Yeah that's the treatment you get at this age.. but age is really mind over matter.. if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! lol yeah so cheezy, but I'll never forget Jinn of KWFC who indirectly taught me that..

I'm in an awfully awkward position actually. I have freedom. I don't have money. I have a job (sort of). I don't have time. I have holidays. I don't have a great time holiday-ing.

Ironically maybe my age is catching up haha.. I'm too old to be a kid or even a teen, yet too young to be an adult. They couldn't put us anywhere - the big two Oh, people :D It IS definitely the year to do everything you wanted to - as a kid, as a teen and as an adult. (not really adultla since you have a long way to go as an adult)

Anyways.. my main point is.


I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me :D Truly, I'm really speechless. everytime. Doesn't matter if it's a simple gift - may it be materialised or not.. words just don't cut it.. when it comes to what you do for me :) I really love you so much. Thank you for making this 20th - a day I'll always remember :D

You're the perfect gift to me :) presents don't even come close.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

update update update

So this is what it's like to be free...

LOL as if.

But seriously this freedom rocks so much stone and pebbles don't even compare wth.. ._.

Anyways. Can't stop thanking God for so many things that have happened lately.. Proverbs 3:5 n 3:6.. Here's some pictures, thanks to Chris - such an awesome bro! :X Thanks for the movie tickets again!

28th Sept - Buka puasa with Nuffnangers!

..featuring the lady who actually won something for stuffing TEN tomatoes into her mouth!

Anis a.k.a Diese

Nuffnangers who were punctual unlike me :P
L to R : Chris, Yee Hou, Anis, Sherry, Zoe, Teck Weng

Group photo!
oh on the right of Anis are her siblings btw.

Why the heck are we bending our necks forward lol..

Girls just wanna have fun..
Diese, Sherry and Zoe

The gay infamous Yee Hou :P

Pancakes for dinner cuz I was late.
Mom I know you will so disapprove - but it was actually dam filling lor.

Notice how Anis just KNOWS she's in the picture..

30 Sept - Nuffnang's House Bunny Screening @ Cineleisure Damansara!

Somehow.. this was the only pic from the fish market that Chris gave me..
L to R: Chris, me, EV

Nuffnangers again!
L to R: Cheez, Chris, Cathy, Sherry, EV, Zoe, Wilson, Karena and Ren!

Crazy UTAR girl Cathy :P

There are some more pics that I've yet to obtain.. so be sure to check back on this space.. some of them include pics taken with Debra, Tysern and Ee Fei!

PS: YES I OWE YOU THAT TAG DEARR!! X.X and my singapore trip that's uber uber belated.. 200 OVER PICS OKAY! NOT EASYY.. nvm.. chill.. patience is a virtue.. RIGHT.

that's all for now ppl~ cheers