Wednesday, October 08, 2008

kid? no. teen? no. adult? no.

Yeah that's the treatment you get at this age.. but age is really mind over matter.. if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! lol yeah so cheezy, but I'll never forget Jinn of KWFC who indirectly taught me that..

I'm in an awfully awkward position actually. I have freedom. I don't have money. I have a job (sort of). I don't have time. I have holidays. I don't have a great time holiday-ing.

Ironically maybe my age is catching up haha.. I'm too old to be a kid or even a teen, yet too young to be an adult. They couldn't put us anywhere - the big two Oh, people :D It IS definitely the year to do everything you wanted to - as a kid, as a teen and as an adult. (not really adultla since you have a long way to go as an adult)

Anyways.. my main point is.


I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me :D Truly, I'm really speechless. everytime. Doesn't matter if it's a simple gift - may it be materialised or not.. words just don't cut it.. when it comes to what you do for me :) I really love you so much. Thank you for making this 20th - a day I'll always remember :D

You're the perfect gift to me :) presents don't even come close.

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Daniel Liew said...

Cheez, happy belated birthday! Welcome to the 20's club.