Thursday, November 29, 2007

dancefloor welfare

Need I say more? It's actually interesting to know that dancing could be an act of charity. The only thing closest to that of its kind would probably be clean clubbing movements that were going on in Atmosphere way back some time ago. It's great to see movements like these that are actually constructive, instead of late friday-saturday nights out with shake-yo-ass-on-the-dance-floor-when-that's-actually-not-dancing events.

No offense to clubbers, none at all. Anyways, whether you dance or not, this is a great opportunity to lend a hand to the charity bodies and have fun at the same time. Either sign up as a dancer, a moraler (I believe it should be called a supporter) or some other dude.. I don't organise this, but I definitely support it from the bottom of my heart!

If it could save a life, would you dance?

Monday, November 26, 2007

bad static

DISCLAIMER : Reading the following article may cause severe drowsiness which could lead to subliminal states of unconsciousness i.e. dozing off, yawning, and literally falling asleep. To prevent such incidents, the author has offered several alternatives - pressing the nice X button on the right hand corner; clicking on the URL in the URL bar and changing it to; clicking on any of the links on this page.

By reading that you should have wasted one minute of your life! Hah! Yes I know how lame and desperate I am to attempt to entertain my readers. Nevertheless, here's another photoless update coming your way!

Last Sat was camp review, which was a week after Usaha Camp '07. Was pretty much stoning through the review.. I mean what can I say right.. "Yup the food was good. Morning inspection was awesome, if I were a junior I'd laugh my socks off and get sent outside the camp and keep laughing as a punishment."

But seriously it brings back memories, especially the return of yaoknowwho.. Anyways, moving on as it drew closer to the much anticipated event of the day - Flyniver2ary! (so cool right use the 2 as S, if I sold this idea to probably could've bagged lotta cash la!)

All geared up in my Hitz.FM cap and Hitz.FM wristband and ready to rock! (I'm serious about the Hitz.FM merchandise) Met up with Jinhao, Chris, Ed, Yit Meng, Vincent, Sapawi, John and some old school mates.. and then met up with RyanB and 7 Sparkz!

Maybe that sentence sounded like vietnamese or finnish to you but just for your info, this is 7 Sparkz (as shown below)

Uber awesome poppers.. anyways, once again, Bass Agents hit us so hard we had to get moving.. this time it was Ganjaguru and Didjital (yep Ganja's back for good) it just kept getting better... it's one of those mixsets compiling probably few of the best tracks ever played. Superstar DJ, Annihilating Rhythm, Harder Better Faster Stronger (hardstyle mix), Nobody Likes The Record That I Play.. it was a lot of good stuff shoved into 30 minutes.. though bluddy people interrupted halfway through..

That's all till today.. and I'm suppose to run through my uni app for UTAR.. better get started then..

1 more day till my hoodie!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

like a black winter

Uber delay and I owe it all to you Streamyx! Bleh. But you can put the blame on me, you can put the blame on meee. Yeah my bad, since Malacca I went to Penang and my hometown.. been rather caught up with life, but thank God for helping me make time for everything. Chronologically.. left around 10 in the morning to pick up Andrew from One Utama new wing taxi stand.

the FitnessFirst punya bag is mine.. a tad too much for one night only aye?

Anyways, before leaving KL I pledged not to speed on the highway, mom told me to anyway. Besides, I'm still a P, better to be safe than to bribe.. Leaving around 10 or so, in less than an hour we we're already at Seremban (which is rather close to Malacca already). Driving was rather interesting though Edmund was resting to get in shape for the night. Some mad Myvi overtook me (not in a glimpse so I actually saw the driver), and it was this girl driving it.

Fyi, we were going around 150 km/h? So if she overtook me that would mean >150km/h X.X

Girl + speeding + 3 other friends in the car + P sticker = Definitely going for R5.

I'm no maths genius but assuming does wonders, which actually led me to chase them (literally). And while all these thoughts were running through my head, some malay dude driving a Savvy overtook us. Us guys don't have ego problems but if a 1.6cc vehicle that I'm driving is overtaken by a 1.3 Savvy that was probably falling apart for overtaking me.. That's humiliation aye.

Eventually overtook them thanks to morale support from Andrew and Chris who were actually up and excited while Edmund slept (maybe they were afraid I was gonna crash?). Anyways, after all the hoo haa we eventually got pwned by a BMW 7 series so whatever =.= I owe it to the Savvy as well as the Myvi girl who made it possible for us to reach Malacca in 1 hour 30 mins =D It was a perfect time to check-in and even bum around town before the evening.

Chris punya sis - Michelle actually helped us to book the place we were staying in.. it looks pretty cosy really.

Dropped our luggage off in our room and after some bumming, we left to look for lunch. As cliche as it may sound, we had chicken rice balls for lunch (YESLA EVERYONE WHO GOES THERE EATS THIS!). It's actually one of the most stomach-filling delicacies from Malacca.. everything else is expensive. i.e satay.

Chung Wah. It's a corner lot, freaking crowded for some weird reason.
(though some Malacca local told me it sucks =.=)

Mom I just arrived in Malacca, safe and sound.
No, I didn't speed :) we're staying at Baba House, now eating.
O that's Andrew next to me btw.

of chicken and rice balls. Onigiri?

The weather was just disastrous.. you could take 5 baths and still feel hot! On a day like this... there's a few ways to solve the problem. If you can't stand the heat...

cendol yo!

rather ticked off with the heat as you can see..

This is Edmund. He has a cool DSLR =D
Thanks for the pictures Ed.

If you can't stand the heat..

just take a leak la. (leak,leek however you spell it..)

though some may opt to buang air besar. (literally)

We were full, lazy, tired and a lil sweaty but nevertheless in high spirits to leave for A'Famosa in the afternoon to get our re-entry passes, cuz it'll definitely be a long queue to enter at night..

it was Malaysian soccer on TV le.. quite funny stuff heh.

Yay tickets! (which I eventually lost which made me unable to claim my event-only R5 TAG THINGY RAAWRRRR!)

Anyways I'm glad I brought home the memories, which is definitely worth more than that stupid tag XP Being tourists we weren't aware of the mad jam in town, which actually made a 45 minutes trip to Famosa seem like forever..

Eventually reached town at 6 in the evening, where we had to rush for lunch in Mahkota Parade since we needed to stock up on water and food as well. I had some Pattaya with daging masak merah, which was so awesome I ordered extra daging.. Pretty awesome for a food court meal if you ask me.. The others had sizzling stuff and Andrew ate kuay teow thng.

That piece of meat (that I spat) was uber rare just so you know.

After dinner, met up wit Jinhao outside stadhuys and we zoomed to Famosa, this time we actually reached in 45 minutes.

"WHO THE )@#(!#(@+!@(# WAS DRIVING JUST NOW? DAM GANGSTER WEI" - Jinhao (note this is coming from a guy driving a CRV who wouldn't catchup XP kiddin la Jin..)

Re-entry rocks doesn't it? :)

Godskitchen arena =D we were SOOOO looking forward to it, till we saw the mud. The music was pretty potong stim actually, everytime Johan and SVD had it really pumped up they'd just kill it with some tech-trance bass.. zzz wasted all those uplifting melodies..

Andrew rocking.

I still remember my 1st rave like it was yesterday =)
(It's Andrew's 1st at R5)

Andrew, youknowwho, Chris and Edmund.

Jinhao sandwiched by Chris and yours truly punya.

LOL. His expression perfectly defines the music before Marcel Woods came on.

Some funky mist shower.. Dunno why they put it.. it wasn't THAT hot anyway.

I'd say the rave actually really started when BAXX topped the decks. I felt something when their 1st song came on. Didn't know what it was but their apperance was definitely significant (or maybe I was expecting them already..) Either way, it was a heckuva night since... with their new track as promised Black Winter and the infectious FTS which really got all of us down on the floor, mud, floor, i mean, whatever.

Proteus came on after BAXX and kicked off with an uber uplifting happyhardcore track which left the shufflers fidgeting and having trouble keeping up with the increased bpm. It was an awesome night but all good things come to an end aye? So we left for home and thank God for the raisin bread which was really essential to recover and drive back to Baba's.

Yes that's me in the maroon sleeping bag.

We packed and left around noon. Michelle brought us to some Tangkak Beef Noodles in town before leaving Malacca, which was daymmmmm goood.


lol dam random.