Monday, November 26, 2007

bad static

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By reading that you should have wasted one minute of your life! Hah! Yes I know how lame and desperate I am to attempt to entertain my readers. Nevertheless, here's another photoless update coming your way!

Last Sat was camp review, which was a week after Usaha Camp '07. Was pretty much stoning through the review.. I mean what can I say right.. "Yup the food was good. Morning inspection was awesome, if I were a junior I'd laugh my socks off and get sent outside the camp and keep laughing as a punishment."

But seriously it brings back memories, especially the return of yaoknowwho.. Anyways, moving on as it drew closer to the much anticipated event of the day - Flyniver2ary! (so cool right use the 2 as S, if I sold this idea to probably could've bagged lotta cash la!)

All geared up in my Hitz.FM cap and Hitz.FM wristband and ready to rock! (I'm serious about the Hitz.FM merchandise) Met up with Jinhao, Chris, Ed, Yit Meng, Vincent, Sapawi, John and some old school mates.. and then met up with RyanB and 7 Sparkz!

Maybe that sentence sounded like vietnamese or finnish to you but just for your info, this is 7 Sparkz (as shown below)

Uber awesome poppers.. anyways, once again, Bass Agents hit us so hard we had to get moving.. this time it was Ganjaguru and Didjital (yep Ganja's back for good) it just kept getting better... it's one of those mixsets compiling probably few of the best tracks ever played. Superstar DJ, Annihilating Rhythm, Harder Better Faster Stronger (hardstyle mix), Nobody Likes The Record That I Play.. it was a lot of good stuff shoved into 30 minutes.. though bluddy people interrupted halfway through..

That's all till today.. and I'm suppose to run through my uni app for UTAR.. better get started then..

1 more day till my hoodie!

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