Friday, June 29, 2007

Autobots Rollout!

Before I begin.. NO SPOILERS** I SWEAR!
This year's most anticipated flick - Transformers - The Movie. Was it really?

Here's a few reasons why it should win the best movie of the year award..

1) Hot lead actresses
Sure maybe any movie could get some random hot girl to star in it, but Michael Bay (director) was a guy with vision. He didn't just take some girl next door - he brought the next closest thing to Helen of Troy! We're talking abo
ut Megan Fox and Rachel Taylor (okay maybe not as hot as Megan but hey two's always better than one!). Playing the lead actress Mikaela, Megan may seem like your everyday-i'm-so-hot-and-i-can't-resist-guys-with-awesome-body kinda girl but she's not only an S-class eye candy - she's really handy with cars too. As for Rachel Taylor.. she's a beauty with brains and a darn cool English accent.

Megan Fox a.k.a Mikaela
(Appeared in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen *apparently*)

2) Breathtaking action scenes
It may just be bunch of toy transformers in a battle royale but NO! Michael Bay has probably stolen every idea from On The Lot and added his own touch of magic to the movie. The result was the clash of titans between the Autobot armada against the Decepticon... deceivers! Anyway, the action scenes were like 1mm away from realism, so you should know how close that is.

3) Excellent artwork woven alive
Gloss is the new black. These transformers hav the most shiny exoskeleton that would leave anyone drooling all over the artwork. Of course with a company like Dreamworks backing this movie up, it's no wonder to see the best of animation imbued within these warriors of Cybertron. However to a certain extent, the flame vinyl of Optimus Prime has been labelled 'jeng'. Jeng or not, I still think Optimus has the most awesome artwork of all Autobots.. next to that dual-cannon bot.. forgot his name though.

4) Versatile lead actor - Eddie from Even Stevens?!
Yeap it's that boy. Johnny Depp Jr? In the running maybe. This maybe the first time I've seen him in a movie but apparently he's started in The Greatest Game Ever Played, as the main character. Yeah I won't take the trouble to search up his name, but he is just darn good. Alternating between humour and drama, he can change expressions more frequent than daily underwear changes! Daniel Radcliffe.. you have a tough opponent this year XP

5) Sleek and hot cars

This element appeals to everyone. Girls love that Porsche that Jazz transforms into, and don't tell me you weren't eyes wide open when Bumblebee 'revamped' himself as a Camaro. Fyi these aren't spoilers.. haven't spoiled any of the plot yet have I? XP I know this doesn't fit in this category but STARSCREAM and BLACKOUT are the coolest transformers EVER! Transforming from a F-22 and some chopper which I may not have paid attention to, their bot form is just insanely 'yeng', if i were to put it.

6) Awesome OST
A movie and its soundtrack go hand in hand. Many movies out there are really good, but having a great soundtrack complimenting it is a different story. Now the Transformers OST is a compilation of various rock artists, surprisingly even Styles Of Beyond (Fort Minor's crew anyone?). EXCLUDING LINKIN PARK'S WHAT I'VE DONE, this is really a sexy piece of soundtrack you'd wish you get your hands on. Taking Back Sunday, Goo Goo Dolls, The Used, HIM, Armor For Sleep, Disturbed and Smashing Pumpkins just to name a few. IF you've gotten it, please let me know. Just leave a note here cuz I really want one song that I was looking for when it was played during the movie... it was an inspiring tune that rang n left, just like Helen of Troy.. sigh..

Transformers OST - I WANT!

Okay maybe there wasn't enough proof that this movie deserves the movie of the year award. Well then, what other movies could've won it? Please don't say Harry Potter.. it gave me that WOW effect when I was watching the trailer wich was like mole hill compared to that Transformers mountain! Before you critics kick in once again, I'd love to say MEGAN FOX ROX MY SOX! wow lots of oxs.