Friday, August 31, 2007

somewhere sunway

It's been quite awhile since my last rave.. Revelation 4 which ended early =.= luckily they were free tickets.. for a one hour set, BAXX vs Soul-T, which apparently was the end of the event. Anyway, this N-day (that's what it's called this year okay! I blame The Star!) since most of the apartment kakis (you know who you are) weren't around, I decided to head on to Sunway Lagoon for MyNation.

Was there uber early, had dinner at pyramid and waiting for things to get started. DJ Desire was on the decks then.

Yep she's still on the decks.

It may be just two pictures that seem the same, but trust me, she was on the decks for almost an eternity. Okay maybe Edmund and I started to get really bored. What can I say? It's not the music we dance to, the crowd isn't even a crowd yet and my food was just about to begin the digestive process.

Just a reminder the main event for the night was supposedly Cosmic Gate. DJ Phynn took over after Desire, and he's got stuff for a guy of his age. Apparently our age.. around 18-20 only.. young chap already spinning for a rave, huge future I tell you. Anyway his first track really blew us away. It was so good we spent so much time making sure it was good that we didn't dance. Wasted one sweet breakdown right there =.=

Drum Connection being one of the first few band/DJs that I've seen at a rave (my first rave at Sepang - Tiesto), had a joint performance with Phynn. It was quite good actually. Some songs were just too tribal and Safri Duo-ish.

Presenting Drum Connection from Germany!

For some reason the emcee was just having a great time introducing all the DJs - "Put your hands together for DRUM CONNECTION~~!!! PHYNN~~!! AND ME NICKY C!!" wtf like you're part of the lineup as well.. but at least he did get the crowd hyped up.. like those rave morale boosters.. always jumping on stage.. go youtube Showtek if you don't know what I mean.

People flooding in as it draws closer to the main event...

Jinhao wit his unique hoodie and shirt.. bugger I want 1 also la.. And Edmund with his 'wtf where's Cosmic Gate.. wtf where's the good music..' face.

HAH bet you thought it was cosmic right!

More fireworks...

This shot is cool okay. Just minus the flash = awesome.

That's still Phynn right..?


Yay Cosmic!

yay cosmic.. truthfully their set was a letdown. It had a touch of tribal in it.. sometimes it was just repetitive bass pounding.. and probably 10-15% of Trance.. sigh.

The event was supposed to end with The Thrillseekers wrapping things up, but they kicked off with another Tribal-ish-weird-ish-notsoTrance-track.. which was really disappointing for the last DJ.. I was really tired and Edmund's toes hurt like mad cuz he was dancing the whole night with slippers.

Eventually went to Syed Abu cuz we were super hungry. Makan and went home. Oh ya. Did I mention I waited more than 45 minutes just for a Nasi Goreng Kampung filled with 60% ikan billis? No you don't wanna try it. It's not fun okay. That's 45 minutes of my precious sleep you're wasting right there.

Oh ya if this doesn't feel N-day-ish enough for you, Happy Merdeka! Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia! YAaAAAaAaYyYYY. *snoozes*

PS: Anyone who wants videos of that night PM me via MSN, on MASH or anyway that you use to contact me.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

uplifting weiii

For people who've waited for an update, NAH here you go! =P Honestly I don't think this deserves to count as one. Doesn't matter anyway. Yah so just incase you don't know me I usually enter a moment of 'stimness' (no not THAT KINDA STIMNESS U SICK PEOPLE), whenever I listen to awesome music, may it be trance, rock, or even Sean Gordon!

Yeah so my latest craze is Benjamin. No not someone you know. Front man of the band Breaking Benjamin (yes I know the band is old la, I first heard them with their debut single So Cold le). Yeah anyway, his vocals are insane. I don't care what you think it's insane. It may be cheap metal, I don't care! It's alt-grunge (supposedly) maybe metal rocker wannabes but if you make tunes like that with metal, that's beautiful.

You know a good song when the intro gets your head nodding and fingers tapping. Heh. Anyone know of more tracks like these yes please do spam my cbox with recommendations, cuz I get reEAaAALL high on songs with guitar kills (like during the pre-chorus for this one).

Moving on. It's only less than 6 hours away. Cosmic gate, drum connection, the thrillseekers and DJ phynn. It's been quite awhile since my last rave, time to rawk it harder than ever! O yeah introducing my kaki for the rave, here's a tribute to Edmund aka ZenMaster! Nyeh! YOU DA RAWKER!

Oh and yes another reason why this video was posted is because of the backing track. UPLIFTUS MAXIMUS! For a moment. Megara n his good fren Lee le who else?

you take the breath right out of me. you know you do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

campus tours

I love roadtrips, seriously. There's just something about leaving home for just a few moments, 4-wheeling down that endless north-south highway (or LDP) for whatever reason, really. In this case I had a guide, which is really essential for every roadtrip.

I present to you - Markus! (that's how it's spelt if you were Russian okay.)

Marc you haven't really changed much, except that you're into frisbee now lolz. Talking bout the haircut that hasn't changed. Anyways, you can't go on a roadtrip before stocking up, which we did at Shell (near Ou if ur wondering).

Savvy with the Zero Body Kit. Marcus punya.

Marcus chose the Savvy for the journey cuz lower CC cars = lower fuel consumption, and only little difference in power, I'll explain about power later.

For those who have absolutely no idea where we're going, I REAAALLLLY hope this picture gives it away.


How bout this?

Oh right hahah! There it is, the open day dates that I've been looking for.. Was supposed to go and take a look again with some friends, yay semenyih tour again!

Yeah that's the sign you'll want to see if you're travelling alone. It's also the sign you can't miss actually so if you didn't come across it, don't worry you should be fine as long as the Digi Yellowman is there to help you.

So we reached sometime in the morning, pretty early actually. Left around 9-10.. reached around 11? Somehow, I get the feeling the entrance of Nottingham was designed by the exact same guy who designed SMKDU's entrance. Or maybe his sifu..

cuz of this awesome fountain that totally pwnz DU's!

I realised Nottingham is a good place to emo. No really. If you feel dam emo and look towards the sky.. you see..

heaven and earth...

Heaven and earth and a patch of hutan

Heaven and hutan and earth and @()M#+!V(@#+_<(!@# (At this point you should be at the climax)

Anyways, enough digressing. This is the main reason I travelled more than 50 kilometres for -

It's rather majestic actually. The University of Nottingham, which apparently is rumored to have lotsa activities besides sports ie sleeping, bumming, lazing around, staring into space, counting how many windows does the entire campus have OKAY! GOT THE PICTURELA! zzz.

Now to reveal their trump card which is actually the sports facilities.

8 hoops in total, 2 fibreglass and the rest wooden boards.
These were only erm.. 1/3 of all the hoops you're looking at.

Oh yah. Their toilets are awesome too.

That's a gym and some badminton courts in a hall itself, which leads to the swimming pool. There's also a tennis court. I didn't lie about the fibreglass see?

And for whatever reason.. incase you were wondering, this is a mosque. Really.A mosque.


WAT THE?! Super super random! Why the heck do ducks come to a university?! (Maybe they're doing a Quacker-oats promo.. get it..quack-er.. NVM.)

The clock tower is actually the highlight of the view of the campus.
It looks better at night. - "Marcus Tan"

Was about time to meet Khong and go off for lunch, semenyih-style! Kien Khong, my good mate since DU, a student of Nottingham currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Nott-maestros, Khong and Marc(about to begin Mech Engineering as well).

Oh and my parents who also came to visit the campus.
In dad's sleek Accord.

Incase you are at lost and at this junction, turn back cuz there's food and water supply at a place called University of Nottingham. If you have a car and you are hungry, then take a left, apparently it's few of the places that has good food around here. To all food lovers and critics, The food here is a level above PJ food, so it wouldn't hurt to come down just for a meal if you're THAT crazy about food.

Eventually we had lunch at some tai chao restaurant. Was so hungry i forgot about pictures. Anyways, it was then we had to head home because the trip took the life out of us. I still respect Marcus for his perseverance. 10/10 for ya.

This was the departure time.

And of course when we reached home.

So now you know it takes a whopping 45 minutes to get here! No wonder those people at Notts are so happy to see someone new at the campus! Jokes aside, thanks a lot Marcus. Thanks a lot Khong. REAAAALLLLYy appreciate it. Sorry I'm not going to Notts after all.

Oh ya. About power, the Savvy did a time under 45 minutes, and 45 minutes being the average time taken to reach Semenyih. And just for the record about 1/8 of the road there was winding worse than Genting Highlands.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


In less than 5 hours someone out there will be screaming.

In less than 5 hours someone out there will be weeping.

In less than 5 hours I'm still listening to rather emotional tracks, running through alternate versions of Time After Time.

In less than 5 hours, someone out there should be reaAAaaaAllyy happy.

In less than 5 days, someone is still fickle minded about updating his/her blog.

In less than 5 minutes, some song has to be played to fill this nervewrecking silence.

In less than 5 words.....

I really don't know.

Yeah results are out on the 16th of august 1600 hours. I can't wait. Right.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


... I'm not going to Nottingham anymore.

Parents sending me off to SEGi. Sorry Marc, sorry Khong, I really like Nottingham a lot.

There's lotsa pros and cons between both but yeah.. sometimes there are other factors as well.. Either way.. Bachelor of Engineering here I come~ (doesn't sound a lot like me, does it?)

Friday, August 03, 2007


Was actually chatting with Edwin the other day when he passed me this funky link, was telling me to check it out. Yun's cover of Andy Mckee's awesome guitar piece-song-whateveryoucallit. It was an awesome display of talent.. when I saw..

Right for those of you who don't know who Sean Gordon is, he's one of the pioneers of the Simpsons and Mario theme song played on guitar. Yeah that's him. Search shonsta on YouTube. This guy is really brilliant. Currently still spellbound by his self-written song Melodic Wings as shown below.

It's gonna take me forever to reach their level of music..