Friday, August 31, 2007

somewhere sunway

It's been quite awhile since my last rave.. Revelation 4 which ended early =.= luckily they were free tickets.. for a one hour set, BAXX vs Soul-T, which apparently was the end of the event. Anyway, this N-day (that's what it's called this year okay! I blame The Star!) since most of the apartment kakis (you know who you are) weren't around, I decided to head on to Sunway Lagoon for MyNation.

Was there uber early, had dinner at pyramid and waiting for things to get started. DJ Desire was on the decks then.

Yep she's still on the decks.

It may be just two pictures that seem the same, but trust me, she was on the decks for almost an eternity. Okay maybe Edmund and I started to get really bored. What can I say? It's not the music we dance to, the crowd isn't even a crowd yet and my food was just about to begin the digestive process.

Just a reminder the main event for the night was supposedly Cosmic Gate. DJ Phynn took over after Desire, and he's got stuff for a guy of his age. Apparently our age.. around 18-20 only.. young chap already spinning for a rave, huge future I tell you. Anyway his first track really blew us away. It was so good we spent so much time making sure it was good that we didn't dance. Wasted one sweet breakdown right there =.=

Drum Connection being one of the first few band/DJs that I've seen at a rave (my first rave at Sepang - Tiesto), had a joint performance with Phynn. It was quite good actually. Some songs were just too tribal and Safri Duo-ish.

Presenting Drum Connection from Germany!

For some reason the emcee was just having a great time introducing all the DJs - "Put your hands together for DRUM CONNECTION~~!!! PHYNN~~!! AND ME NICKY C!!" wtf like you're part of the lineup as well.. but at least he did get the crowd hyped up.. like those rave morale boosters.. always jumping on stage.. go youtube Showtek if you don't know what I mean.

People flooding in as it draws closer to the main event...

Jinhao wit his unique hoodie and shirt.. bugger I want 1 also la.. And Edmund with his 'wtf where's Cosmic Gate.. wtf where's the good music..' face.

HAH bet you thought it was cosmic right!

More fireworks...

This shot is cool okay. Just minus the flash = awesome.

That's still Phynn right..?


Yay Cosmic!

yay cosmic.. truthfully their set was a letdown. It had a touch of tribal in it.. sometimes it was just repetitive bass pounding.. and probably 10-15% of Trance.. sigh.

The event was supposed to end with The Thrillseekers wrapping things up, but they kicked off with another Tribal-ish-weird-ish-notsoTrance-track.. which was really disappointing for the last DJ.. I was really tired and Edmund's toes hurt like mad cuz he was dancing the whole night with slippers.

Eventually went to Syed Abu cuz we were super hungry. Makan and went home. Oh ya. Did I mention I waited more than 45 minutes just for a Nasi Goreng Kampung filled with 60% ikan billis? No you don't wanna try it. It's not fun okay. That's 45 minutes of my precious sleep you're wasting right there.

Oh ya if this doesn't feel N-day-ish enough for you, Happy Merdeka! Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia! YAaAAAaAaYyYYY. *snoozes*

PS: Anyone who wants videos of that night PM me via MSN, on MASH or anyway that you use to contact me.

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