Thursday, August 30, 2007

uplifting weiii

For people who've waited for an update, NAH here you go! =P Honestly I don't think this deserves to count as one. Doesn't matter anyway. Yah so just incase you don't know me I usually enter a moment of 'stimness' (no not THAT KINDA STIMNESS U SICK PEOPLE), whenever I listen to awesome music, may it be trance, rock, or even Sean Gordon!

Yeah so my latest craze is Benjamin. No not someone you know. Front man of the band Breaking Benjamin (yes I know the band is old la, I first heard them with their debut single So Cold le). Yeah anyway, his vocals are insane. I don't care what you think it's insane. It may be cheap metal, I don't care! It's alt-grunge (supposedly) maybe metal rocker wannabes but if you make tunes like that with metal, that's beautiful.

You know a good song when the intro gets your head nodding and fingers tapping. Heh. Anyone know of more tracks like these yes please do spam my cbox with recommendations, cuz I get reEAaAALL high on songs with guitar kills (like during the pre-chorus for this one).

Moving on. It's only less than 6 hours away. Cosmic gate, drum connection, the thrillseekers and DJ phynn. It's been quite awhile since my last rave, time to rawk it harder than ever! O yeah introducing my kaki for the rave, here's a tribute to Edmund aka ZenMaster! Nyeh! YOU DA RAWKER!

Oh and yes another reason why this video was posted is because of the backing track. UPLIFTUS MAXIMUS! For a moment. Megara n his good fren Lee le who else?

you take the breath right out of me. you know you do.

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