Monday, September 21, 2009

Flower #12

Stop looking for something that's been there all along.

Singapore and Malaysia quite near what! Twelve months ago, on the 'sky-garden' (if that's what you call it) of Forfar Heights, Strathmore Avenue, Venessa Abigail Ho of Queenstown, and yours truly both made a decision that has since changed our lives for the better.

Narrative voice aside, we got together.

It was really really funny how we met online and clicked almost spontaneously.

Going online and receiving texts were never the same again.

So excited I tell you! :D
(If you can't picture this, picture a girl squealing for joy.)
(Now picture a guy squealing for joy. I said a guy, not me.)
something like that Heineken ad la.

since we met, life has never been the same. :)
I really thank God for putting you in my life. I'm really thankful we've Him in everything we do, be it our own lives our or relationship. I know what we have is something special in Him and that we're really really blessed to be together.

I'm really glad I've someone who only wants the best for my future,
the best for our future,
who is always looking out for me,
showing me the things that truly matter in life,
showing concern for me to the extend we end up having heated discussions and debates.

But you know.

I never regretted a single disagreement we had.

I really thank God for the issues we went through together and sorted out together with Him.
Knowing he's always with us, leading us, to grow stronger in him and to learn from each other.
I know it's something we always pray and thank him for but it's true! and
I'm just really thankful I've you in my life.

In a nutshell,

Venessa Abigail Ho.

I love you.

Happy First Anniversary baby!! :)

I know how bad we look in this..but that's so us hahahaha

PS: If you're wondering why you only received 11 flowers, this completes the set of 12 to mark our 1 year! :)