Wednesday, April 26, 2006

HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara - On the 26th of April, 3 college students were found guilty of excessive consumption of the following illegal products : 3-Men Morphine, Push n' Pull Procaine, Snake Steroids and Tic-tac Ganjas. These 3 college students, currently studying in HELP University College were found helplessly fidgeting their wrists in trance.

"SnarrKehhh.. snarkehhh..."

Yes, the foosball epidemic has hit us. Me, Tsong, Edwin AND VAL =P. I told myself NEVER NEVER NEVER to get addicted over it. What happen now.. =.= SEE KEN?! SEE KEN?! I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET ME STARTED... but you know ah.. u do the shadowless pump shot, and den a...

Argh... it's college holidays, and we are spending at least 1 hour per day in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) to FOOSSS!! WOOOOO!! But after awhile it gets sick, so we pool, and then FOOOSSSSS!!!

Okay. I've got to stop. Exams are in two weeks. At least it'll soon be over. Just wait. Just you wait you June and August holidays...

Anyways... got my phats... costed RM1XX... aint telling u de real price... here are videos.. of me phat shuffle! CHerrio! Here's to STUDY SLAVERY!

Song Craving - Ganjaguru - Deadbeat