Thursday, January 25, 2007

Salivation without the i. The first i.

WARNING: Not for the straightforwarded and feint-hearted ones. Excessively lenghty blog post ahead. May contain boredom pheromones. Continue scrolling at your own risk. What a way to welcome the james-bond-duality year (two-double-OH-seven) with a bird's eye view of the fireworks, abandoned apartments style. For pictures of the magnificent display, please visit Encik Jomi's website (shucks free advertising again. sigh.). Anyways, it has been really two months of labour and toil.. as along with the other fellow A-Levels people of HELP, i have endured, experienced and finally enjoyed after all of it. I guess the taste of freedom can be related to blogging. You spend like ages working on ONE post (cuz I doubt everyone updates everyday), and the satisfaction is just awesome. Tastes just as good as Klang Bak Kut Teh except better =)

Anyways, this is long overdue. It must be the current trend I guess, Jomi's ineedtostopoverduebloggingsyndrome. Here you go! Cheezlangkawishuffle!

CheezLangkawiShuffle - Day 1

Mm. Flight time was sometime in the afternoon. B
loody delayed it with another hour of patience. Gah.
My relatives from Kenyang (HUNGaRY) XP Laugh la.. even though not funny. Anyway, left to right : Uncle John, Auntie Kwi Ching, Priscilla and Little Timmy! (Timothy)
They've made this langkawi trip one to really remember. Oh yeah, btw my cousin sister Priscilla, she's.. Form 2 this year if converted to Malaysia
n schools, buttt... her syllabus is somewhere in between SPM and A-Levels.. that's like darn smart for a 14 year old. *hats off* Anyway Timmy is just.. Timmy! Loves to sing. He's always singing Stellar Kart's Activate.. Screamo edition. Yah he loves to scream/sing too. Bright future in the emo world son.. Auntie Kwi Ching has just been such a blessing.. her faith is like this fountain overflowing.. and it just amazes me and reminds me of how great God is =) Uncle John's not too different either.. they live such Christ-orientated lives. Life's always so easy going and filled with joy, bearing in mind that He'll settle and overcome all of it!

This is Timmy. Timmy loves to play games. Timmy is playing bounce right now on his daddy's handphone. Least he found a way to kill his free time. Current price of chivas : 55.00 per bottle 18 yr old. So away from LCC KLIA and helooo langkawi!

Lodging provided by : Berjaya Beach and Spa Resort Langkawi. Facilities are relatively okay but they cost like 300 a night. And the price increases as the distance to the beach decreases.Therefore, the price is inversely proportional to the distance of the beach. Plotting a $ x 1/d graph.Kesan pokok hijau. Green tree effect. Oh surprisingly there were monkeys near the chalets we were living in. Didn't get pics of them though, you see I'm still rather slow with the camera. Didn't do much on the first day.. but the next day was not so much bumming. Lots of travelling. Wait till you see our ride..

Cheezlangkawishuffle - Day 2

Still down with sore throat and all.. Might I introduce you to the most economical breakfast yet!
So who's the younger one? XP Just so you know I suffer from an anti-aging-syndrome thanks to baby fat =) I thank God for our ride.. you'd do the same too after sitting in one of these..I present the Nissan.. Serena! Right? Serena right? Sorry my memory for comfort cars are not much as compared to those sleek cars out there. So we had to go a distance of like from Bandar Utama to... almost Port Dickson I think. Ya that's how far you'd have to travel if you live in Berjaya cuz Kuah Town's like the other side of the earth.. ARGH. I'm sorry to those looking forward to an organised post. I'll have to continue with another post cuz blogger won't allow me to write, post pics RIGHT where i want it to be, and write again. Keep an eye on the next post..