Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i hope its an epiphany

Not an epiphone.

Haha shocked leh to see me blogging again. I'm pretty shocked too.
What's more important though, is why I'm still doing this. There are many reasons.. but on top of the list would be you. :) To the other readers, don't perasan! Only she will get it - yeah you guys out there, I'm straight just for the record ._.

Having read a few blogs, maybe I have been affected or influenced.. it's no surprise since the three biggest things that influence you in life are what you read, what you see and who you mix with. And to have realised I'm infected, I mean, affected - isn't quite enough, I have to fix this.

Affected with what? Okay. Imagine

You're watching any musical. ANY. Unless you hate music or you have disabilities, it's almost impossible for you to NOT tap your feet, feel like moving and grooving to the tunes of the musical. I don't think it's the butterfly effect - maybe it's the optical effect.. since what you see is what you want to do.

My point is. This year - nope, this day - shall be pinned. and 365 days from now I'll come back and realise for ONCE, what I say - will actually be done.

No it's not resolutions for the new year. It's just a bad habit I need to kick, if I ever want things to fall back into place.

So 365 days of war. It won't be easy. And I hope if you're still reading, thanks -
please remind me.
to finish whatever you begin with.
to close whatever you open.
to see and seize every chance.
to experience.
and to love what you do

Pretty much like gravity.. a little push perhaps?

Less bs, more action - time for war against the nation