Monday, September 21, 2009

Flower #12

Stop looking for something that's been there all along.

Singapore and Malaysia quite near what! Twelve months ago, on the 'sky-garden' (if that's what you call it) of Forfar Heights, Strathmore Avenue, Venessa Abigail Ho of Queenstown, and yours truly both made a decision that has since changed our lives for the better.

Narrative voice aside, we got together.

It was really really funny how we met online and clicked almost spontaneously.

Going online and receiving texts were never the same again.

So excited I tell you! :D
(If you can't picture this, picture a girl squealing for joy.)
(Now picture a guy squealing for joy. I said a guy, not me.)
something like that Heineken ad la.

since we met, life has never been the same. :)
I really thank God for putting you in my life. I'm really thankful we've Him in everything we do, be it our own lives our or relationship. I know what we have is something special in Him and that we're really really blessed to be together.

I'm really glad I've someone who only wants the best for my future,
the best for our future,
who is always looking out for me,
showing me the things that truly matter in life,
showing concern for me to the extend we end up having heated discussions and debates.

But you know.

I never regretted a single disagreement we had.

I really thank God for the issues we went through together and sorted out together with Him.
Knowing he's always with us, leading us, to grow stronger in him and to learn from each other.
I know it's something we always pray and thank him for but it's true! and
I'm just really thankful I've you in my life.

In a nutshell,

Venessa Abigail Ho.

I love you.

Happy First Anniversary baby!! :)

I know how bad we look in this..but that's so us hahahaha

PS: If you're wondering why you only received 11 flowers, this completes the set of 12 to mark our 1 year! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


exactly my reaction when I found out I could actually update. I almost forgot what it feels like to blog.. baby thanks for reminding me. :) You too, lynn!

Just realised I've been blogging once a month for this year, up till May and stopped ever since. If you're wondering, we're two months away from our one year anniversary :)

Life has been great, pretty routine-ish - but always awesome. Abby and I have been seeing each other once a month, on an average la. We've been places, seen faces, but we can't beat time - when it races looollowthrhyme some rhyme.

But yeah, we're a lot lot lot lottttttt stronger now. :) He's with us all the way.

It has been an awesome 10 months and I can't wait till we see each other again.. 12 more days. :)

It wasn't easy la.. n I know this isn't anything special but because of you this, and many other things in my life were made possible. This is for you :) I love you.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

distance is just for an instance

as it is momentarily, it's just a freaking highway more than 300 kilometres that divides us.

Oh and that causeway.The customs.

I propose we propose a reunion of SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIAAA ><

But before we move on to that, you can do something good today by clicking on this.

Just click on the 'like' button yeah guys? Thank you so much for clicking :D for that reunion..

PS: I've never for a second regret to have known the girl I met 8 months ago. We've had our best times and bad times as well, nevertheless, I would not trade this for anything in the world. Just so glad that I've you in my life :D I really thank God for putting angels in my life and I'm sure you're one of them :D I love you so much. For the record, I am still missing you terribly. :(

Monday, April 13, 2009

Retrospective. <3

I is has not updated long de narhz! Eye eesh bakkkk narhs! ---> super geli can!!!!!

Actually I'm finally blogging.At baby's :D thanks Mom and Dad for making this trip possible :D and God too :) anywayss just thought I should update with a few pictures taken from baby's camera :D

Credit goes to> baby for uploading the peektures, WHILE I LAY IN BED SLEEPING! :P

with love narhs,
venessa & cheez

Thursday, March 05, 2009

of Collections.Coutures.Dresses. and other related stuff.

In support of indie elements - honestly, I don't know much about fashion. And because I don't know much about this website I'm about to promote right here I'll just let the site itself and the picture do the talking. If you like what you see, if you're looking for clothes you won't want to find on anyone else except you (and others who already know about this) - do drop by the following website. Shopaholics proceed at your own risk - especially the window shoppers. Contains material that may induce a sudden need to shop. Wth. Here it is

Monday, February 09, 2009


because this blog needs so much more of it.

Okay, the frequency of me blogging has reduce tremendously, and there is a reason. I have a crucial sem. Seriously. Cannot afford to fail a single paper and it doesn't help with a lecturer that comes in on Day 1 to tell you that the passing rate is an average of 50% of the class. I had to disagree with that fact until she started teaching.. help.

It's like her tongue has a mind of its own. Like a u leady to lok? (are u ready to rock?)

Anyways.. if there are still readers out there, this one's for you guys :D

Tysern and ChongX!
NTU McD's.. will never forget the awesome curry sauce *drools.

Wei Jin.Jie.Ping.FrostyN1pples.DeRen

Nyatoh.. well at least part of it..
1 in India..1 in UK.. 1 in Tasmania.. The rest of us we still here :D

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE going on..regardless guy or girl :P

NN Silent Halloween Dance Party
Congrats on your phone dei.

NN Sharing Session @ Italiannies Gardens

Freedom Elite!!
(If you knew what happened just pretend you don't :P)*
*inside joke

Spending Christmas holidays with AFC and ladies at King George's.

Jane's 21st @ Michaelangelo, Solaris

Jason's farewell @ NYNY 1 Utama.

Some people have compact digicams, some have DSLRS, some have bridge cameras, some have camcorders. I don't. But we all have memories that eventually fade. It's our choice to preserve them to remind us of who we once were and who we are today :D Whatever posted today, is only a tip off the iceberg of the many blessings in my life that I'm really thankful for.

PS: Don't look for your picture lah. It's one that will never fade off my mind and my heart :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i hope its an epiphany

Not an epiphone.

Haha shocked leh to see me blogging again. I'm pretty shocked too.
What's more important though, is why I'm still doing this. There are many reasons.. but on top of the list would be you. :) To the other readers, don't perasan! Only she will get it - yeah you guys out there, I'm straight just for the record ._.

Having read a few blogs, maybe I have been affected or influenced.. it's no surprise since the three biggest things that influence you in life are what you read, what you see and who you mix with. And to have realised I'm infected, I mean, affected - isn't quite enough, I have to fix this.

Affected with what? Okay. Imagine

You're watching any musical. ANY. Unless you hate music or you have disabilities, it's almost impossible for you to NOT tap your feet, feel like moving and grooving to the tunes of the musical. I don't think it's the butterfly effect - maybe it's the optical effect.. since what you see is what you want to do.

My point is. This year - nope, this day - shall be pinned. and 365 days from now I'll come back and realise for ONCE, what I say - will actually be done.

No it's not resolutions for the new year. It's just a bad habit I need to kick, if I ever want things to fall back into place.

So 365 days of war. It won't be easy. And I hope if you're still reading, thanks -
please remind me.
to finish whatever you begin with.
to close whatever you open.
to see and seize every chance.
to experience.
and to love what you do

Pretty much like gravity.. a little push perhaps?

Less bs, more action - time for war against the nation