Tuesday, May 05, 2009

distance is just for an instance

as it is momentarily, it's just a freaking highway more than 300 kilometres that divides us.

Oh and that causeway.The customs.

I propose we propose a reunion of SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIAAA ><

But before we move on to that, you can do something good today by clicking on this.

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..now for that reunion..

PS: I've never for a second regret to have known the girl I met 8 months ago. We've had our best times and bad times as well, nevertheless, I would not trade this for anything in the world. Just so glad that I've you in my life :D I really thank God for putting angels in my life and I'm sure you're one of them :D I love you so much. For the record, I am still missing you terribly. :(


wayeyoung said...

Singapore will never agree! They will be bound to the constitution of malaysia. Say goodbye to their majority chinese cabinet.

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tagskie said...

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