Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thanks Isa, for waking me up. Well thank God I've great friends like Isa, Charlotte, Ernest, Sue, Kai, Marxha, yeah and the list goes on, really appreciate you guys for being such great friends and just being there when I was pissed and regretful today. Really appreciate you tolerating with such intolerable behaviour..

Sometimes in life we realise that a loss is a gain to us in another way, i.e. I probably screwed up my whole Dream Idol thing... giving everyone the impression that I can't sing, which really sucks as a first time impression to your church.. but then you gain the experience of going in front of loads of unknown people to just sing your heart out.. and then you'd do better the next time, well, at least you'll probably pull the notes off IN tune and tone...

I guess today was a learning experience for me, like Metallica says, "Life is ours, we live it our wayyy". Yea. I ain't letting this pull me down, almost as much as I was affected by her. She was and still is a great person, though I'm the only one suffering from the being-distracted-by-her disease. Worse yet, this disease does not require verbal nor physical contact, it just takes EYE contact. That is bad. Tsk tsk tsk. *Shrugs*

Working on a song right now, cuz Isa got my emotions going the other way, thinking of her and all. Thank God I'm letting go slowly.. It'st just writing about how sucky and tedious the process is to get over this... So now, at the end of the day, literally, I have not done any work, but I learnt a very valuable lesson - our drawbacks give us space for our comebacks =)

I am so... Zzz.. Zzz..

Song Craving : Any lullabye please.

Tips for styling your hair : Apply wax to the tip of your hair, not the roots cuz u'll damage it. Twist and flare. I know this is random but it's not the best time for me to stay awake... dumb basketball game at 7 today... Zzz..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music. A five lettered word. Song. A four letter word. F**k. A four letter word too. Why am I saying this? Why? WHY AR?

Did someone bury a lie for me? Or was I just a naive punk who had never had a reality check before? No matter how many songs I write, no matter how hard I try, no matter how good people tell me my songs are, if I can't even sing properly, what's the stupid point of doing music? I've got no musical background, kicked piano at the age of std 1, started guitar at form 4; what about talent? Oh, guess I wasn't born with it.

Talent is a 6 lettered word, which means... hold on lemme check it online, I need the proper definition.

Talent - a special often creative or artistic aptitude b : general intelligence or mental power

Creative HAHAHAHAH don't make me laugh. That's the word you can never find in the Oxford to describe me. Artistic? Autistic maybe. INTELLIGENCE OMG, this word has 4 SYLLABLES! Mental, er.. doh...

Screw thisla, so many buried lies, how many more am I gonna keep from myself? People who tell me my songs are good don't even know that I can't sing, at least they're not straight enough to tell me to quit singing and I really appreciate that. Anyway, this is a waste of blog space. Just cuz I didn't do well in a competition cuz it was my first and it was just for experience, well THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE, CUZ I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Whatever. Man. People. Some people were never meant for music. So, eff off boy..

Song Craving : My Own Ranting - Cheez

FYI, it's not a new song I wrote, and I wish I had nothing to do with music. Ever. Again. In my life.

It's okay. You don't have to search anymore. You're at his blog right now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

*flips open the webpage*

*dusts away the spider WEB*

ooh, I miss you la glass heart. Why you so adorable har?? Herpileh?? Sigh... a slave to blogging I am, a song to sing I made as well! Goodness, it's been like... since Failure To You, did I make a song that had a rather decent tune.. My Angel was a freaking hit.. on my head that is. Not my point, I enjoy songwriting, and some songs are great, some just aren't. That's life I guess, you can't live perfectly, cuz we are all humans after all. =/

The song's titled Brand New Dawn and it's written because my emotions told me to. They told me what I needed to do. They told me, it's time. Time to move along. *Move along... move along... * Sorry, All-American Rejects in my head. Yes, some things in life are just not worth the moment. I wish I knew that earlier. Like some girl just crushed my heart into a million pieces without even knowing who did it.

Brand New Dawn is about how I held on to the past, how unwillingly was I to let go. It's also about me kicking the old self away, you could call it a getting-over-you phase. This is a new beginning of the end. Or is it the end of a new beginning? Anyway, it is a brand new dawn, and I'll just post up the lyrics, just for reference, or just... gah I'll send the song to those people who are interested to listen to it. . You can reach me thru MSN at that address.

OOOOOOHHHH Gotta share these pictures here that I took when I went to Medan, Indonesia. I tell you, superb scenery, it was at Lake Toba. I'd give anything to go there with 'My Angel' (well no angel right now.).. Awesome is only a chip of the iceberg as a word to describe it.. Do enjoy =)

Evening skies at Lake Toba

Just speechless. =X

Song Craving : Cheez - Brand New Dawn (ELEH PERASAN GILERRRR)

Seriously. Just wanted to hear it again to find my flaws and mistakes.

Welcome. To a brand new dawn. =)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

*cough* Sunday morning syndrome.. dang this stinks.. well it isn't the best weekend but it's still kind of a good one.

I spent my whole day trying to crack my head to think of a song I could pull off.. See, RLC (my church) is hosting this Idol thingy.. winner gets a coloured-screen handphone.. so why not huh? And I made the biggest mistake of the weekend. I've been here since 11 till now, well I did break for food.. but goodness it is just so frustrating when you realise "You can't sing, you can't dance.."

Courtesy of Simon Cowell, yes, honesty is STILL the best policy. Maybe that's why you don't see so many politicians around.. Did I get that right? Hope I did.. ANYWAY

Yeah my vocal chords are just way off I guess.. and the only song that I actually sound decent in is The Calling's Wherever You Will Go. That's not even stimulating in any way.. Oh well, might just stick to that for now. So it's either that song... or another one I've been trying so hard 2 pull off, hopefully it doesn't stink.. Bo's Inside Your Heaven. Okay, call me ambitious or anything, but this IS after all a trial and error process. You've gotta do before you don't, know wha' mean?

Moral of the Story for today : These guys are lovely. Yum. Coffee flavour doesn't stink after all.

Song Craving : Bo Bice - Inside Your Heaven

Ooh yeah I wanna be in that coffee peanut Heaven =)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm blogging. Yes. Cheez. People have probably known me well for being a great procrastinator, as well as one who can never keep his consistency. That might just change after this blog (I hope) =) Well it IS a new year after all, and what a great chance it is for me to turn over some new leaves. Not easy to find trees with turnable leaves nowadays actually. OkAYY... off with the lameness.

Anyway, since 2006 began, much has happened and I'm rather affected by this huge sudden wave of depression, which cocincedentally hits ONLY most of the SMKDU students. Talk about coincedence huh? Yeah so this huge day-after-tomorrow-tidal-wave-of-nostalgia-and-depression slaps us hard in the face and says " Hey, you ain't never gonna see each other. Ever. Again. Better say 'I love you... =P'".

Doesn't sound sucky as it seems, eh?

It hurts more to see the ones you love being hurt. Think about it.

People come and people go. Everyone's like leaving for somewhere and everyone else who isn't, has their hearts leaving them. Just a pain in the ass man. You never know what you've got till it's gone - words of wisdom, words of pain too =/ It just stinks when you've got your friends who you're so close to.. going away.. and you ain't NEVER gonna see them. NEVER. Again.

Well, putting aside nostalgia.. and what took us by sudden notice... College isn't half bad. I got to know some people, and learnt a very important lesson.

DO NOT judge a book by it's cover. I'm serious.

Told you not to judge a book by its cover. =.=

The people you meet in college are just splendid. You get this young, innocent dude, kinda shy.. He laughs at a few jokes I crack, kay, Then Cheng Wei and Edwin joined in. Mind you, we were in Maths class, trying to survive the boredom warfare.

Few days later, when I was with the same dude, his name's Dragon by the way, yeah, the firey one. Not those in your pants. I could rot to death just trying 2 understand what my Practical Physics Lecturer was mumbling. Then Dragon comes up to me and says, "Hey you watch comedians? Pablo Francesco?", then this brainwave hits me straight in the face, which caused a spontaneous response - "Oh no, Russel?" And Dragon goes hysterical, laughing. The next 15 minutes were like "OMG! !XOBILE!"

"Ryan, do the dishes." "(@*#_@)! you dad!!"

"I love punani.."

Oh great. There's some great fate and chemistry working right here pal. THIS IS ABSURD! It's college! Talk about turning over a new leaf?! I gotta burn down my whole estate of trees of lamenesses... and then excavate my whole land of stupidity and extreme humour..

Well, I'm just glad it's all good. Friends still hang a lot with you. Love all the fellowships.. Mamak and all. Can't deny the slight existence of bliss within the nostalgia..

This is once again, my 1st post, a new beginning, to road ahead onto nowhere. Till further updates then. Need sleep. Whole body aches from basketball..

Song Craving: Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids