Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm blogging. Yes. Cheez. People have probably known me well for being a great procrastinator, as well as one who can never keep his consistency. That might just change after this blog (I hope) =) Well it IS a new year after all, and what a great chance it is for me to turn over some new leaves. Not easy to find trees with turnable leaves nowadays actually. OkAYY... off with the lameness.

Anyway, since 2006 began, much has happened and I'm rather affected by this huge sudden wave of depression, which cocincedentally hits ONLY most of the SMKDU students. Talk about coincedence huh? Yeah so this huge day-after-tomorrow-tidal-wave-of-nostalgia-and-depression slaps us hard in the face and says " Hey, you ain't never gonna see each other. Ever. Again. Better say 'I love you... =P'".

Doesn't sound sucky as it seems, eh?

It hurts more to see the ones you love being hurt. Think about it.

People come and people go. Everyone's like leaving for somewhere and everyone else who isn't, has their hearts leaving them. Just a pain in the ass man. You never know what you've got till it's gone - words of wisdom, words of pain too =/ It just stinks when you've got your friends who you're so close to.. going away.. and you ain't NEVER gonna see them. NEVER. Again.

Well, putting aside nostalgia.. and what took us by sudden notice... College isn't half bad. I got to know some people, and learnt a very important lesson.

DO NOT judge a book by it's cover. I'm serious.

Told you not to judge a book by its cover. =.=

The people you meet in college are just splendid. You get this young, innocent dude, kinda shy.. He laughs at a few jokes I crack, kay, Then Cheng Wei and Edwin joined in. Mind you, we were in Maths class, trying to survive the boredom warfare.

Few days later, when I was with the same dude, his name's Dragon by the way, yeah, the firey one. Not those in your pants. I could rot to death just trying 2 understand what my Practical Physics Lecturer was mumbling. Then Dragon comes up to me and says, "Hey you watch comedians? Pablo Francesco?", then this brainwave hits me straight in the face, which caused a spontaneous response - "Oh no, Russel?" And Dragon goes hysterical, laughing. The next 15 minutes were like "OMG! !XOBILE!"

"Ryan, do the dishes." "(@*#_@)! you dad!!"

"I love punani.."

Oh great. There's some great fate and chemistry working right here pal. THIS IS ABSURD! It's college! Talk about turning over a new leaf?! I gotta burn down my whole estate of trees of lamenesses... and then excavate my whole land of stupidity and extreme humour..

Well, I'm just glad it's all good. Friends still hang a lot with you. Love all the fellowships.. Mamak and all. Can't deny the slight existence of bliss within the nostalgia..

This is once again, my 1st post, a new beginning, to road ahead onto nowhere. Till further updates then. Need sleep. Whole body aches from basketball..

Song Craving: Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids

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