Wednesday, February 22, 2006

*flips open the webpage*

*dusts away the spider WEB*

ooh, I miss you la glass heart. Why you so adorable har?? Herpileh?? Sigh... a slave to blogging I am, a song to sing I made as well! Goodness, it's been like... since Failure To You, did I make a song that had a rather decent tune.. My Angel was a freaking hit.. on my head that is. Not my point, I enjoy songwriting, and some songs are great, some just aren't. That's life I guess, you can't live perfectly, cuz we are all humans after all. =/

The song's titled Brand New Dawn and it's written because my emotions told me to. They told me what I needed to do. They told me, it's time. Time to move along. *Move along... move along... * Sorry, All-American Rejects in my head. Yes, some things in life are just not worth the moment. I wish I knew that earlier. Like some girl just crushed my heart into a million pieces without even knowing who did it.

Brand New Dawn is about how I held on to the past, how unwillingly was I to let go. It's also about me kicking the old self away, you could call it a getting-over-you phase. This is a new beginning of the end. Or is it the end of a new beginning? Anyway, it is a brand new dawn, and I'll just post up the lyrics, just for reference, or just... gah I'll send the song to those people who are interested to listen to it. . You can reach me thru MSN at that address.

OOOOOOHHHH Gotta share these pictures here that I took when I went to Medan, Indonesia. I tell you, superb scenery, it was at Lake Toba. I'd give anything to go there with 'My Angel' (well no angel right now.).. Awesome is only a chip of the iceberg as a word to describe it.. Do enjoy =)

Evening skies at Lake Toba

Just speechless. =X

Song Craving : Cheez - Brand New Dawn (ELEH PERASAN GILERRRR)

Seriously. Just wanted to hear it again to find my flaws and mistakes.

Welcome. To a brand new dawn. =)

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Johnny said...

Dear Cheez, me love you long long time and so very very much..Wanna boom boom? 5 dolla only.. We can do it all night long !


Nice work on zhnging ur blog my fellow lamer.. You have recieved ah hock's coveted seal of aproval.. =) sigh,really gotta call ya one of these days when i get the cash to buy a new calling card.. Also can't wait to hear your song , send it to me the next time u see me online k?

-Your friend down under-