Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thanks Isa, for waking me up. Well thank God I've great friends like Isa, Charlotte, Ernest, Sue, Kai, Marxha, yeah and the list goes on, really appreciate you guys for being such great friends and just being there when I was pissed and regretful today. Really appreciate you tolerating with such intolerable behaviour..

Sometimes in life we realise that a loss is a gain to us in another way, i.e. I probably screwed up my whole Dream Idol thing... giving everyone the impression that I can't sing, which really sucks as a first time impression to your church.. but then you gain the experience of going in front of loads of unknown people to just sing your heart out.. and then you'd do better the next time, well, at least you'll probably pull the notes off IN tune and tone...

I guess today was a learning experience for me, like Metallica says, "Life is ours, we live it our wayyy". Yea. I ain't letting this pull me down, almost as much as I was affected by her. She was and still is a great person, though I'm the only one suffering from the being-distracted-by-her disease. Worse yet, this disease does not require verbal nor physical contact, it just takes EYE contact. That is bad. Tsk tsk tsk. *Shrugs*

Working on a song right now, cuz Isa got my emotions going the other way, thinking of her and all. Thank God I'm letting go slowly.. It'st just writing about how sucky and tedious the process is to get over this... So now, at the end of the day, literally, I have not done any work, but I learnt a very valuable lesson - our drawbacks give us space for our comebacks =)

I am so... Zzz.. Zzz..

Song Craving : Any lullabye please.

Tips for styling your hair : Apply wax to the tip of your hair, not the roots cuz u'll damage it. Twist and flare. I know this is random but it's not the best time for me to stay awake... dumb basketball game at 7 today... Zzz..

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