Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music. A five lettered word. Song. A four letter word. F**k. A four letter word too. Why am I saying this? Why? WHY AR?

Did someone bury a lie for me? Or was I just a naive punk who had never had a reality check before? No matter how many songs I write, no matter how hard I try, no matter how good people tell me my songs are, if I can't even sing properly, what's the stupid point of doing music? I've got no musical background, kicked piano at the age of std 1, started guitar at form 4; what about talent? Oh, guess I wasn't born with it.

Talent is a 6 lettered word, which means... hold on lemme check it online, I need the proper definition.

Talent - a special often creative or artistic aptitude b : general intelligence or mental power

Creative HAHAHAHAH don't make me laugh. That's the word you can never find in the Oxford to describe me. Artistic? Autistic maybe. INTELLIGENCE OMG, this word has 4 SYLLABLES! Mental, er.. doh...

Screw thisla, so many buried lies, how many more am I gonna keep from myself? People who tell me my songs are good don't even know that I can't sing, at least they're not straight enough to tell me to quit singing and I really appreciate that. Anyway, this is a waste of blog space. Just cuz I didn't do well in a competition cuz it was my first and it was just for experience, well THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE, CUZ I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Whatever. Man. People. Some people were never meant for music. So, eff off boy..

Song Craving : My Own Ranting - Cheez

FYI, it's not a new song I wrote, and I wish I had nothing to do with music. Ever. Again. In my life.

It's okay. You don't have to search anymore. You're at his blog right now.

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Areimus said...

eh macha maybe you were just nervous la and that messed up your singing, happens alot