Thursday, September 06, 2007


No I haven't been out for any events recently. Yes you could say my life is boring. Just went out yesterday to meet up with Jason, Melissa, Siew Mei and Yuhhui. It's been ages since we last met actually.. more than a year.. anyhow, pictures will be up in the next post when I do get them.

Meanwhile I've been craving and yearning, can't stop thinking.. of you...

Erm.. well not exactly you dear, but yeah I miss you too XP

Yes you SSSSiiiIllLLLlVViiAAAAA!!! Baby come back! Okay this stock Silvia may not be attractive enough.. but it's still an awesome car.. Just a little background on the S15 a.k.a. Silvia, it's often confused with the SXs from Nissan (well at least I was rather confused). Yes this is a Japanese car, with a second hand value that you European cars out there desire so much.

Right anyway the S15 was first released in Japan in 1999, strutting a horsepower of 250 from Nissan's SR20DET engine as well as a little help from a turbocharger upgrade and improved engine management. As shown in wikipedia...

My two cents - You just can't deny those awesome headlights. It's like staring into a girl with the nicest eyes you've ever seen in your life (okay maybe if the girl was Misa Campo or Leah Dizon huh)! In fact if you google this car, you'll find that the S15 is one of the most popular cars used by Japan drifters. So drift or no drift, this car doubles up as a sleek and sexy ride as well as a mean drift machine down the hills.

Silvia S15 Remix?

Came across this picture online which left me drooling (not literally). That's it for now. A bit short I know, but that's all you should know about the S15 for now (for one who hasn't driven it before, like me!). Oh right this is a tribute to all the Silvia owners out there! Cheers!

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