Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yay finally done with product training... though honestly I still don't know most of the products well enough as the back of my hand... but yeah just thought I'd give a shout out to our awesome trainer, Tracy! Will post the pictures soon (hopefully). Anyways, it was a really great learning experience going through product training. I would say it wasn't just about knowing the products.. there were other subjects to focus on i.e. compliance tests.. verification.. and customer care..

Yet I learned a really important thing. Okay I'll keep this one short, I promise. Last Wednesday, I wasn't feeling too well. Could've been something I ate, could've been the late nights and endless syllabus of products to learn up, could've been the food... just could've been anything that caused my sore throat. Yes it's sore throat again =.= those who know me well enough should know.. So back from Technology Park Malaysia, where training was held, I reached home with a really bad (like headache+almost flu+ sore throat) sore throat.

Here's the highlights. Was driving home with Jack in the front passenger seat and thank God for the CD he brought, by Pastor Joseph Prince of NCC (New Creation Church, Singapore), it was a topic on Health and Wealth. Driving home with the jam in front of your eyes and the endless aching in your head with the sore throat building up.. I was seriously about to blow up (obviously I didn't).

So listen.. listen.. listen.. then Ps Prince was talking about communion and the power of it.. obviously I knew what communion was.. a ritual la! He compared the roasted lamb eaten on the night of the passover with what Jesus gave his disciples during the last supper. And the next day, of all the diseased, weary and burdened Jews who having been serving the Egyptians for 400 years without a single pay who ate the lamb, none were feeble. NONE!

I dropped Jack off home.. and as I was making my way home, Ps Prince's message was done, and it was the audio recording of the holy communion. I prayed and just took a step of faith. As though I was part of the congregation.. and as Ps Prince was saying "You can't take communion if you're not a believer, because it is through faith believing in what Christ has done for us on the cross that makes this not just any ordinary bread and wine." I didn't have food with me.. I made my own representations of bread and wine.. and just allow the Holy Spirit to lead through communion..

The anointing and the peace was just verbally indescribable... usually I'd have bad headaches as in reALLLLY bad kind of headaches when I get sore throat, flu and almost-fever diseases.. but decided to just rely on what I heard from the CD.. give it a shot and went to sleep.

Next day I tell you.. seriously.. I really give all the glory to God for His healing powers.. it's the first time in my life i ever felt so good after the 1st day of sore throat! I wasn't 100% healed, but it definitely felt like I wasn't even sick in the first place! I mean if you got the sore throat today, tomorrow is sure to be a living madness! Flu and fever sure kick in one don't lie to me k! Unless your sore throat not severe like minela.. anyways.. kind of my testimony about the power of the Word of God, faith and communion..

Disclaimer : The blogger and writer of this article holds no responsibility for any effect caused by attempting to mimic the actions of the blogger. The blogger wishes God bless everyone out there and praises the Lord for those who have been cured the same way he has.

Jack, thanks a lot for the CD. May this be just a few wonderful things Jesus does in our lives that constantly reminds us to find joy in him and the Word =D God bless!

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