Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I know it takes more than apology to make up to you guys who were always there whenever I had an update. Honestly, thanks a lot if you still read. There are some things I need to tell certain people.

To photo junkies - sorry, this post is not going to have any photos, my camera really died, now it can't even take a simple video of me shuffling (too many frames per second i suppose).

To ardent readers - there's not going to be any funky reviews, philosophical talks here for the time being. Just needed to let you guys know how life has been.

To the adverts - sorry my blog isn't well maintained sufficiently for promotional usage.

To myself - YOU KNOW THE PROBLEMS, NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. (you can start by getting the camera fixed)

To do this systematically..

last week - (and/or the week before that) finally reduced my working hours with StandChart to 1 day a week =D life has never been better. Met up with Jason, Lynn, Kai Xin, Sumi, Marc and Alvin.. it was pretty awesome.. a really nice stroll down memory lane. Looking at those form 3-5 pictures just makes me laugh..

this week - Hari Raya just passed by and left, seriously there was no ramadhan spirit in me at all.. maybe because I had lots of errands to run while mom was outstation.. then again I hope they're still selling lemang..

next week - apparently there's an event at Sri Sedaya.. shuffling competition held at a school lolz.. then there's Speedzone Tour held in Zouk.. more importantly i'm looking forward to the 27th, Revelation 5 Global Gathering!! =D as well as my paycheque that's past due for 2 months =.=

some time within these weeks..

i was bored at one point, but I needed to voice out because recently I've seen people wearing hoodies to all the wrong places.. Practically a hoodie should be worn only in cold places.. some people overlook the practical and wear it for.. (you people should know better why you wear it to stuffy and humid places). Anyways, what's your take on this? leave a comment on the vid, or maybe here =D

Oh yah, Klang Gates! check out Ray Mun's blog for more info... the view is just splendid..

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Shopaholic UnAnonymous said...

ONE day a week??

u should work longer since u get 12 per hour Cheeeese!