Wednesday, October 01, 2008

update update update

So this is what it's like to be free...

LOL as if.

But seriously this freedom rocks so much stone and pebbles don't even compare wth.. ._.

Anyways. Can't stop thanking God for so many things that have happened lately.. Proverbs 3:5 n 3:6.. Here's some pictures, thanks to Chris - such an awesome bro! :X Thanks for the movie tickets again!

28th Sept - Buka puasa with Nuffnangers!

..featuring the lady who actually won something for stuffing TEN tomatoes into her mouth!

Anis a.k.a Diese

Nuffnangers who were punctual unlike me :P
L to R : Chris, Yee Hou, Anis, Sherry, Zoe, Teck Weng

Group photo!
oh on the right of Anis are her siblings btw.

Why the heck are we bending our necks forward lol..

Girls just wanna have fun..
Diese, Sherry and Zoe

The gay infamous Yee Hou :P

Pancakes for dinner cuz I was late.
Mom I know you will so disapprove - but it was actually dam filling lor.

Notice how Anis just KNOWS she's in the picture..

30 Sept - Nuffnang's House Bunny Screening @ Cineleisure Damansara!

Somehow.. this was the only pic from the fish market that Chris gave me..
L to R: Chris, me, EV

Nuffnangers again!
L to R: Cheez, Chris, Cathy, Sherry, EV, Zoe, Wilson, Karena and Ren!

Crazy UTAR girl Cathy :P

There are some more pics that I've yet to obtain.. so be sure to check back on this space.. some of them include pics taken with Debra, Tysern and Ee Fei!

PS: YES I OWE YOU THAT TAG DEARR!! X.X and my singapore trip that's uber uber belated.. 200 OVER PICS OKAY! NOT EASYY.. nvm.. chill.. patience is a virtue.. RIGHT.

that's all for now ppl~ cheers


debra fong said...

someone's happening in the nuffnang scene huhhhh:P

Cathy said...

=.="" crazy utar girl??? are the crazy utar guy..haha