Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's been about a few weeks since I thought of where I was 1 year back, 2 years back, 3 years.. but when I looked at my brother playing with my ancient playtoy.. it projected a reflection of the past, when I was still in primary school. The times where life was filled with freedom, happiness, love and joy.

I saw myself again at the tuition centre. Alan, Kok Joo, Huey, Jie Wei... the list would go on.. but my memory bank is currently overdrafting. We'd eat and drink and laugh during class.. regardless of whatever the teacher was teaching. This.. playtoy, which *quotes Chee Hong* is something to be proud of, knitted some of my friendship bonds as well as our relationship as siblings very closely.

The Nintendo GAMEBOY! Owh my gosh I could've sworn this was like the foosball, the DOTA, the paintball, the manga and the crocs of our primary school times! Thanks for holding it up Chee Hong.. you can put it down now.. And how many of us were stuck on to...

Pokemon RED! Best-est game ever! I remember my save file being overwritten by jie wei's new one... ARGHHH MY CHARIZARD T.T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

This brings back lots of good times and great memories. Specially dedicated to -H- =). You're never alone even if you're overseas mate. Take care!


-H- said...


Sigh, the memories.. Those were the days la.. Seriously, what I would give just for one day back in our primary years..

Do you still remember how we would always come early to school? Everyday without fail,either you would come to my class or I would go to yours, talking bout everything from digimons to Grace.. XD u still remember her? If not we would be busy copying hw... that orange cheng yu ( idioms) book, wah damn stress man.. And who can forget Xian Hui.. woahwoahowawa

Sigh, yep we've been through heaps of sh*t together haven't we? Ere's to more to come! We ride together, die together, bad boys for life =)

Btw , gameboy, damn funny la.. seriously.. i still remember how my dad used to turn psycho.. waohwoahwoa.. and ur charizard,lol at jiewei la.. from charizard to magikarp ah? forgot.. but lololol...and technically that gameboy is like back from the dead.. remember how it nearly got stolen and then suddenly magically reappeared.. waohwaowa.. oh wait, was that jie wei? o_0 ahah, so many memories, we really have to have a get together session one day la

debra fong said...

cheeeee seng!
that gameboy is soOOoooo friggin old weih!

i used to play yellow,blue,red,gold,silver,and the green version!
i used to be a bloody pokemon maniac.Collecting the trading cards.Getting my pokedex full capturing every single pokemon in the game.

those were the days.