Monday, September 04, 2006

Cheez Redang Shuffle~

Cheez is bak abit~! wit yet another shuffling video! hoo~!

Okay. 'nuff talk let the captions talk! Enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed the show! Sorry.. if it was a waste of your free time. Just so you guys know.. it's the Melbourne Shuffle..

Where on earth did I learn a dance liddat...? Here of course!

Now as of today, a memorable day to all of us. I dedicate part of my post to the dearly loved and popular, late crocodile hunter, Mr. Steve Irwin, from Australia.
I shall not say much as I did not know him well.. as well as the other fans of his programmes do.. but.. as a token of gratitude and respect to the big contribution he has made to the wildlife world.. *salute*.

God bless your soul, sir.

1 comment:

jann said...

hahah! i was laughing while looking at your video. you shouldn't start by just standing there! so sesat! you should start shuffling before the camera goes to you! lol..look at you..just standing there..then suddenly shuffle! haha! but, good work...keep it up! =)