Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Physics test at 1400 hrs - 14/9/06.

Once again I'm striving to focus and gather all my energy to give it all onto my revision. This has probably been the 8436512350093625279490561th time that I attempted to do so and probably failed.

SO. I decided to ask my dad. He's an engineer (why not? Physics A - engineers' pre-requisite) but then my 2nd thoughts clouded my thoughts. *hmm.. what if I get another cheong-hei n winded speech winded like genting highlands liddat..* Nevertheless it was do or die, so 'erm.. '

*Father doesn't even need any sense to know I'm down to ask a question*

"So. Lemme see. What question.." *scans through paper*

'pa wanted to ask you ah..' "which one?" '.. about angular force..'

*Hesitated conversation evolves into our usual debate*
- the debate just comes naturally upon disagreement cuz I just wanna get over with my question and move on, whereas pa always wants to depart more knowledge over to me.. regardless of the question and sometimes regardless of time consumption..

Anyway, fast forward to where I learnt something. I solved my physics questions with his help of course =) got everything done. Then, while I was studying, he came back and started... not paraphrasing but rather emphasizing on the importance of understanding physics.. and the benefits of getting a good lecturer.. and more philosophies..

Through his eyes (as well as his facial expressions), I saw such enthusiasm, passion and the interest as he allows his insight and past experiences to overflow. Sometimes we tend to neglect certain people, be it our family, our relatives, even our friends. Taking things for granted will cause us to be taken for granted as well I believe. I conclude - through the eyes of one, we can see the distinguishable uniqueness of one that could remain a part of our memory.

Thanks pa. =)


JiM said...

I feel glad for u that u've got a good father who actually cares for u,or talk to u nicely.Not like mine =(

jann said...

well, now you know what amazing things eyes are huh! =) not too late! haha. and lucky thing! my dad can never help me with my studies..nor my mum! haha! well, be glad ma boi!