Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As of the end of September, and with the urge of Mr.Jomi-sama.. I pushed myself to write something.. as a monthly song (or acoustic cover). 2-3 hours later after the chat with Jomi.. I got it nailed down. Not too good.. but something I can definitely improve on. However, the purpose of the song is actually a tribute to the terror strikes of September. God bless the souls of the victims. The lyrics are as below.

September's When I Sleep Again (Take It Away)
This is all
These our lives
you put to waste

I'm awake yet I
I just can't see
All the fear and pain
Cuz blood has covered me

Do you hear us cry?
Do you care at all?
Do they realise that everything
has happened before?

Stop all the world now
and you will see
(Take it away) x 3
Consume yourself with
all your greed to realise it

The fall of the earth
Falls on you
Like a flame
that burns itself up too

You could end this now
and take it all away
Wake me up when this ends -
September's when I sleep again

(Take it away) x 3

All of the killing
the bloodshed and tears
(Take it away) x 3
O human being,
you despise your own race...

Chorus x 2

Take it away...

- Red and black -

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