Friday, April 11, 2008

do or die? die by doing tho..

Again, to those looking forward to an interesting post by me, I apologize. However, there are reasons to why I may not be able to continue my sudden-outburst-blogging-streak.

1. I've a lot to catchup with.
My study break just (legally) began actually and being the awesome student I am, I can never seem to keep up with my syllabus. The best part is exam starts on the 23rd of April! AWESOME. And I have like.. 5 subjects (excluding English)? Thermodynamics, Material Science, Maths, Statics and Principles of Electric and Electronics.. Awesome right.. exams end on the 6th of May - followed by TIESTO ON THE 8TH AND 9TH WOOhoOOOOO~

It doesn't stop there. I'm attending camp today, sleeping over for the night. Then tomorrow got church worship practice in the afternoon, Trance Party @ Central Park in the evening which clashes with Planetshakers @ FGA KL which also clashes with malam kebudayaan of our keahlian camp.. Isn't it just great how we can only be at one place at a time?

2. I actually favour Facebook over my own blog.
Yes it's true. I seem to enjoy poker and mob wars over my own blog. hah. Yes I'm very sad. playing with facebook games instead of blogging and GETTING A LIFE.

3. I have no mood wth?
Yeah really la. Sometimes after that LOOOOOONG DAY of studying at the LIBRARYYY~ all you really want is just a bed to lie on, friends to play games with (i.e. ultimate) and someone to tell you that they really love you wtf?


5. *Ranting is better than blogging!
Wayyyy better lorh. This isn't even a post to begin with! It's a complete rant! So why blog when you can rant? Vent your boredom and stoner-ism by ranting today! *Terms and conditions apply.

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