Sunday, October 29, 2006

Victim of tag.

Er honestly. I'm not too good at this whole blogging thing. I can't be sure that after being tagged by jon, will someone that I tag, continue to tag another person? Well screw the possibilities, let's get it on with the tag. Oh I can't help but to share a little on REVEL4TION!

28th October 06, A'Famosa Beach Resort - It was the fastest and furiousEST ride ever. We were on the cheez-joseph-sickcycle-720-convertible-iGallop-elantra. No joke. This baby goes up to XXX km/h (disclosed due to parental guidance). Upon leaving KL at 11, the Northern Lights of Revel4tion in A'Famosa could be seen 10 minutes before 12. It was a blast. Baxx. Soul-T. VS!. What more could I ask for? A time extension for the rave. Everyone else wanted it too. It ended at ONE. WHAT KIND OF RAVE ENDS AT ONE TELL ME?! Pfft. Ridiculous. Seriously. Anyhooz. Thanks you bobs out there who entertained me, joseph and james. Really appreciate your mentality and goofness with your UltimateToys lightsabers.. (the video will be up soon for those who wanna know what's going on..). Long story short, chivased, nasikandared, slept, wokeup, kenasamaned, dulaned, chickenriceballed, dulaned, trafficjamed, most importantly, enjoyed. =) Thanks joseph, james and lim =)

BACK TO THE TAG. Sorry about that. Yes. The two of my WORST bad habits.


Seriously. Not kidding. This year alone, I've had so many broken promises. What happened to all the nights where I was supposed to go to Riley's with my friends? What about that letter you owe Elisa? And your homework?

These are just a few examples. Now for the inner-self-conflict.

Time to do homework! *sits at the study table*
Mmmh.. I feel a calling.. just a little while.. college homework not much oso..
Yeah.. just awhile.. *HANDS ON THE COMPUTER ALREADY*

2 hours later... tired... zzz
What happened to your work??
Wei! No tomoro la! Forgot your A-Levels EXTERNAL EXAM RESULTS?
Yesla ma... I rememberla.. this term very easy wan.. sure can..

The truth is. I'm nowhere further than where I left. I have to kick this. Right now there are so many things. FFXII. Raves. Tuesday's Halloween party. There, I did it again. Whatabout that party you agreed to perform for your a-levels? This lackadaisical attitude is eating me. I need to build up a consumption-resistant-skin.. or this might just be the end of the beginning.. of the end.

Oh. Just realised. Self-confidence deficiency.

This is for real. It's not the kind of self-confidence that I don't have within myself, at least I'm proud to be who I am. It's just that.. when I am caught along with some friends who are currently in an argument with someone else, I'm just a bystander. Witness my conscience.

Situation is, james checked into a hotel. he arrived by cab. James and Lim sorry. Me n Joseph came later with a car and parked outside the hotel, which DID NOT OWN THE CAR PARK (which we were not informed of till the next day). slept, 9 am rise n shine.

cheez : hmm.. theres a piece of sumtin on jo's car.. nvm la.. probably some flyer.

this flyer turned out to be a rm30 saman for NOT PUTTING YOUR PARKING TICKET, ON A SUNDAY! this might be normal for you guys, but for tourists.. don't you think it's a little harsh? so we tried negotiating with the uncle pondok who collects MBMB saman pays.. but no use, his rasuah face overwhelmed the theories of law and righteousness. To appeal for a discounted saman, we needed to go to the main office, TOMORO! wtf? WE HAVE A LIFE YOU MALACCAN. Instead, he insisted we ask of the hotel manager to settle our saman. Not the wisest statement.

Friends : We got samaned outside your hotel. Tried to settle with uncle, but 30 is a hefty sum for us, and to appeal could only be done tomoro, otherwise we had to mail it sometime later (troublesome sial =.=). SO he suggested that you help us settle this because he is only a collector..
Lackadaisical Receptionist : (he's a bob btw) Erh.. well you checked in by cab right?
James n Lim : *nods*
LR : Then how I know that you have another friend coming with his car?
Cheez : Look here pal. It was your fault in the first place for not asking if he HAD a car. In a business where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, enquiring the customer to ensure everything is settled should be a priority. You didn't even CONSIDER to take the initiative to ask James IF he has another friend with a car, or at least, IF he will park a car (since you know of the strict parking violations).
Friends : *looks at the idiot with a dulan face*
Lim : can i please speak with your manager?

*The whole scene repeats itself* Note : I did not voice out upon the first debate with the cb receptionist, but rather a weaker version of my italicized phrase (for some reason, which is my inability to boost self-confidence) against the manager.

Still rather disappointed at this hotel - Seri Costa or sumtin liddat. Do me a favour and blacklist it. Anyways, this is just an example of my helplessness. Many other debates have had me bystanding, as well as having my arms folded. Sometimes, we have to do what is right, and fight for the just as well as the law. - Law of Ueki? lol.. anyways, I really wish these two habits could just die.

Tsong (if you still read my blog..)


Hann Tsong said...

Yes I still read your blog. Pretty often too. So yeah.....

-H- said...

WTF TAG ME FOR WHAT? Like I update.. Kukujiao la u.. ahaha.. after exams la maybe. i wanna play ff 12 tooo =(