Sunday, June 04, 2006

-Ashley Parker Angel-

Last week I heard this wicked track being played on the radio, well actually I think it's wicked cuz it's got a beat and vocals that sound yellowcard-ish, fast punky riffs and a great bass to it. The only difference is there's no violin in this track.

It all happened when we went to AC one day... or was it William's... nah anyway.. was driving and suddenly..

Radio : And we'll back after this new one, Ashley Parker Angel. *drums intro kicks in*

Me : *inspired by the beat and loud bass* *ponders* woosh nice song... wonder who sang it though..

After some time... arrived at wherever we were supposed to be..

Edwin : Eh just now that song.. quite nice ah.. who sang it?

Me : The drums like yellowcard and the singer like yellowcard a bit one right?

Edwin : Ya ya ya

Me : Umm.. dunola.. the radio dood said Ashley Parker - Angel I think.. (Ashley Parker's a girl right... where got guy's voice 1...)

Few days later, due to missing the stimmage of the song... I decided to look it up.. and download it.. as a result, I made a few conclusions...

1. Ashley Parker is a GUY. Not a girl.
2. Ashley Parker Angel is a SOLO ARTIST. Not a band.
3. Ashley Parker Angel's new single is Let U Go. (Not Ashley Parker - Angel) =.=
4. Ashley Parker Angel was formerly a member of the well-known boy band, O-Town (No0o0o0o0o0o0o0o how can I like a song from an ex-boyband dude....)
5. I still like this track ----> Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go.

Therefore, I decided to post this up.

Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go
Broken promises
but you don't really mind
It's not the first time
and you know it
don't you know
Tell me why it is
you only smile inside
But when you break me
into nothing
don't you know
It's not like
I haven't tried
over and over again
Stupid fights,
wrong or right
I remember when
you came with me that night
We said forever,
that you would never
let me go
Here I am again
with nothing left inside
Know I don't wanna
but I gotta
let you go
You're the one mistake
I really didn't mind
So beautiful, un-
It took me down
Too little and too late
Now I know your kind
You fake it easy
just to please me
Don't you know
It's not like
we haven't tried
over and over again
Sleepless nights,
wrong or right
I gotta let you go
It's you
There's nothing I can do
I guess this is what it's like, when someone lets you go.


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