Monday, March 27, 2006

Wooh. I'm back.. after a long... streak of... outdooring... ugh... finally.. some time to chill out in front of my lil' bloggie n rant =) Well... it's not ALL about ranting.. so fun man... I mean.. about what happened since the last entry..

SPM Results... wasn't as devastating as it seemed... another I-didnt-work-hard-enough-for-this-exam feeling... but anyhows... I'm not that disappointed... rather contented.. =) the screwed up thing was that I was freaking ill even before receiving my SPM results... and my body was not recovered till the upcoming Saturday. I was worried. It's Tiesto. Tiesto. Tiesto. *echoes* yea. Tiesto.

OMG LIKE TIESTO, HOW DO I STAY TILL 3 AM IN THE MORNING MAN?! My parents actually scream their heads off when i come home like 12 =.= they restrict me from sleeping over at others' and NOW TIESTO?! gotta be joking pal. beyond their wildest imaginations. Well this kid ain't lettin' this stop him. He be groovin wit de beats. Of. Ties-To.

So my solution was, "Mom, can I sleep over at cousin's place near Sepang after the concert? =P I mean... it'll be so troublesome for me to take a bus from KLIA to Jalan Duta and have you guys fetch me from the station at what, 1130-12ish?!" *Mom ponders awhile* "Okay. BUT JUST BECAUSE YOUR COUSIN IS FETCHING YOU IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SAN GAN PUN YUET ONI GO HOME AR!" "yes mom =D"

And there it went on... =) The night. Was neverending. Never. All you heard was. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Bass. Acid. Acid. Acid. Acid. Acid. Acid. Garam. Garam. Garam. OKAY SORRY I HAD TO LAME AWHILE. =/ Okay as I was saying... the event kicked off wit Derb & Drum Connection showing off wit their electric saws... they actually SAW metal pipes to make that buzz effect! LIKE OMG! Then this local DJ, I think, he was called DJ Milk (well I ASSUME it's milk cuz he was wearing a MiLk T-shirt man!).

So yada yada yada milk goes off, then u get this whole... TIESTO.. TIESTO.. TIESTO.. TIESTO chant... and then u see... the huge LCDs go... 10 beep 9 beep 8 beep 7 beep 6 beep 5 beep 4 beep 3 beep 2 beep 1 beep 0 black. *some trance effects play* BASS BASS BASS BASS LIKE OMG... and u actually see fireworks... n it just got better on and on... and of course... ended with Traffic... u can't get enough of it... and OMG BLAZING FIREBALL FIREWORKS!! =D Never before seen in my life... honestly... prettier than Merdeka ones =) prolly cuz my 1st time seeing huge fireball ones...

Anyway down wit Tiesto and on wit my voyage in search of phats... current status : idle. Yes. On hold lol. Life is. Okay. Electric Guitar is COMING IN BABY!!! YEAHH!!!! And ooohhh finally serving in church for Holy Communion! =) This is the chill time... yet this is the stress time... thanks to Kanala... wtf... can't understand your BLUDDY HESS LAWLA!!! SAVE IT FOR SUM OTHER CHEMIST! I can't take it... =/

Gah... be back soon... this is a rather dull post... o well.. the other nice ones will fill the space =)

Song Craving : Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance


debra fong said...

what a liar=P

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