Monday, March 06, 2006

Another day without college... Hee hee I just realised what the word LIBERTY meant. And OH OH OH YEAAAAAAAAA I FINALLY passed my road test!! =) I know, I could've passed on my first try... but you know, there are such things as mean-man-eating-sadistic-AND-NOT-TO-MENTION-CB road testers... yeah... so thank goodness I got this nice dude this morning, though i got yelled at for... stalling a bus lane ahahha... who wouldnt huh?

For those who have not sat for their road test, or those who are going to, here's a few unofficial tips...

1: make sure you are comfortable before hitting the road (loosen urself. seriously helps a lot.)
2: make sure the road tester is comfortable before hitting the road as well as throughout the whole trip.
3: DO THE RIGHT THING. u noe what i mean. checkup before leaving... 5 marks there..
4: if the road tester is in his own trance, his own world, or doing his own business... you no longer need to read the following steps.
5: if the road tester is chatting with you, you just might get lucky and require no more re-tests.
6: Pray it all works out fine. =)

Goodness... SPM results... whateverla.. I just need some therapy to get me pumped to prepare myself for it... and besides that, this is the only thing I'm looking forward to now.


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