Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lately i've been suffering from some lack of sleep syndrome... though it seems i'm beginning to get hooked on to things i'm not supposed 2 be hooked on to.. i wanna foos.. but im not good at it... i wanna DOTA!!! but i've got not enough time.. i wanna write songs... but there's no inspiration...

see.. that's what life is ALL ABOUT.. you don't exactly get what you want.. cuz if you did, it wouldn't be life.. you'd have to WORK for it.. though faith and action plays a VERY different role here.. okai... enough of being so forum-like... gotta talk about this crazy dude in the bus today. This kid wearing a Chung Hwa High School uniform is sleeping. Kay he sleeps at the corner of the bus, which was near where Ed, Keyang and I were sitting.. so this dude is sleeping, did u hear me? sleeping. yes. sleeping. ok so the bus is moving and his head is facing the floor, with no support at all at the bottom, yes you could say his head was hanging, literally swinging slightly like a pendulum, due to the shakiness in the bus. Then it kinda got worse whenever the bus would come upon a bump on the road, and his head swings vertically, seriously. it's like... some rocker dude sleep-headbanging.

Caution : Sleep-headbangers ahead.

Yeah, you need a sign like that incase anything happened man.. what if he bangs his head and crack the chair in front of him?? And what if the inersia were so great that his head acts as a pivot point for the rest of his body to flip OVER himself and land with no protective gear and what not? People, this is what I'm talking about, SAFETY FIRST! That's right, rubber please! Don't ASSUME or estimate, cuz you're dam right I am guy and I know well enough guy have egos so high they don't even need to ask others. The decision is always made by minds that do not strain any of the brain muscles to THINK wisely before acting.

Okay, moving away from the infomercial. Life moves on. Everyday. Oh did I mention I just earned myself a one way ticket to groundome? Yes that is a noun that means being grounded. Two nights in a row for being out, and that's all you need, a recipe for groundome. What is the world coming to man..? College spells freedom and liberty. Not GROUNDOME. Man. Sienla rot at home. Like 1-2 hrs out would hurt me. LIKE ID DO HOMEWORK ON A WEEKDAY?! ROFLZ.. O well.. I live with this. It's not much, but it's my life =)

Sleepy adi la... mebe I need a lil dota before i sleep kekeke... YES YOU DO CHEEZZZZ =)

Oh, and... she didn't kill me this time. I do suppose it IS getting better. Life moves on eh?

Song Craving : Wids & Ben - Absolution

Here's a pic of my fren's phats... wicked wicked stuff... =) Soung from Sri KL. You wicked dude.

That's the wayla. Fire tha oni way you blaze babeeee..

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