Sunday, June 29, 2008

mr postman


1. Build your reputation to eventually become someone like Kenny, Ringo or Joyce! Of course it's not easy, but God made everyone special in a different way, you just probably haven't realised it yet.

Okay fine maybe you already know how special you are but

It's true lor. Gotta put that uniqueness of yours to good use! Let's say you're sarcastic by nature - you just need to blog the way you talk/express your sarcasm and it should work some mojo! Then again there's always haters.. some who can't take sarcasm, but isn't that life? So find your talent and work it :D

2. Okay now that I've got your attention - you should NOT try too hard to get your hits! I mean blogging is a form of self-expression. Why blog just to become a 'pro blogger'? There is so much more to blogging than just being known for your blogging. After having this blog for a few years but only to become a bit more active blogging this year has taught me some stuff.

People DO read your blog. Even if it's mouldy. With dust and cobwebs. wth? No seriously, people DO read your blog because these people actually care for you and but they can't be possibly calling you every week to ask how you're doing right? Imagine those friends from overseas wei! Thank God for the wonders of the Internet!

3. This may sound like a rant, but I recall Kenny stating the reason for starting his blog was for self-discovery. Beyond the earnings and the unique visitors and hits, blogging has allowed us to experience different parts of life never before ventured.

I wish to continue but I'm dam hungryla. Brb guys.


singingcoconut said...

agree with you, my blog became a place friends can understand me b4 asking what I'm really up to. I don't tell people more now unless they visit my blogs for some info XD

3POINT8 said...

Hey cheez! You caught me by surprise! the contents of your blog is the total opposite of your title, but I like it!

Love your mentality on blogging.
Say, I'm planning to start something and you are invited (mainly because I like the way you thnk). Its a new concept and i'm not sure if it will work, but I extend the invitation to you anyway. If you are interested, drop me a mail me @

wenQ said...

true.. blogging is a form of self expression~ ^^

*high five*

JoeJoe said...

I believe you miss out one point, plastic surgery, make yourself look really hot and steamy. Lol.

It's actually the fastest way to gain traffic without wasting time typing, just take pictures and thousands will start streaming in. Haha.

- yuhhui - said...

Hahaha..I agree with you. =) For me.. blogging is my diary. hehe.. simply just coz typing is easier than writing. LOL. Anyway, u should come play poker yest. Everyone was missing you...