Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Made Of Honour Premiere with Hong Leong Bank @ JW Marriott

Oh okay so Marriott is spelled with two 'R's and two 'T's.. sorry a bit noob..

This backdating habit of mine has got to be backdated.. so teruk I think the food in the pictures also rot already.. anyways, it was really really awesome because it was my first time attending a Nuffnang event, so yeah.. didn't know what to expect.. except fun! It was purely that seriously..

So my mom offered to fetch Kai Xin and I to marriott.. which is why my mom is my hero! She is so darn nice and can actually bare with the mad-almost-an-hour-jam we got stuck in on the way there! Thank you so much momm.

We're being fashionably late as you can tell from the size of the crowd which arrived..

Doors were finally open but we still hung around for more pictures..

This is the only hotel I've been to that has this space like walkway.. reminds me of Genting's hypnotic tunnel.. it was prrreetttyyy.

Pretty..... LIGHTS.

This picture was absolutely necessary cuz I had to use the toilet, and even the toilet had the wow factor k! This's the ladies' and NO, I DID NOT ENTER THE LADIES TO CAPTURE THIS ONE. I'm sure that's not the only thing captured if it did happen anyway.. like me being captured by security... thinking otherwise now weren't you?

Super cool aquaduct toilet. For the super cool gentlemen.
Forgive us for being jakuns.. it's not often for us KL ppl come to KL..
that came out so wrong.

Le chandelier.. mirrored.

We took quite a lot of pictures and explored marriott.. only to return with the entrance being empty.. which meant it's starting soon so we went to our awesome table..

Organisers have done such a great job decorating the place.
cuz some of the designs are actually in the movie itself!
mad props to you guys mann!

The paling awesome table! Table 40!

You don't wanna know how many glasses of this we drank so we could get a picture of two glasses of champagne filled to the exact level..

And somehow, before the food arrived, there was a scottish marching band playing.. with some pro snare drummer and bagpipe people.. which is also relevant to the movie!

*digs out menu* yeah just so I wouldn't get the name of the dishes wrong.. here goes! Our madd 8 course meal for the night!

Pineapple Chutney with Smoked Duck,
Seared Tiger Prawn with Tomato Salsa
enhanced with Kerabu Mangga.

Shredded Chicken and Bamboo Pith Soup.

Sauteed Julienne of Seafood
with Curried Mushroom Cream Sauce
served in Yam Ring.

Steamed Seabass with Thai Sauce
accompanied with Chinese Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice.

Roasted Chicken Parcel on Pencil Asparagus
served with Percik Sauce.

Salmon Risotto with Buttered Baby Carrots.

and something Kai Xin has been eyeing for quite awhile..

No not Debra Fong wth.

Chocolate Moist Cake with Fruit Coulis
Tropical Fresh Fruits served with..
*damn I can't put the Haagen-Dazs logo here..
Haagen-Dazs ice cream!

And I really didn't notice that there were only 7 dishes this far, until Chze Hong sitting next to me actually counted and they actually included coffee/tea as the last dish WTH?! quite randomlo.

Some ke ai box that I thought was edible.
look like those sugar dolls.. mmm.

I told you it was fun.. now I have photographic evidence!

That night, our table was.. Chze Hong, Carol, Mike, Vic, Rachel, Debra, Suzy, Ren, Kai Xin and me! It wasn't my camera to begin with.. so pardon the lack of pictures..

And it was time to adjourn to Pavillion for the movie premiere when we actually bumped into more familiar faces!


*hesitates and eventually UncleJosh spots our shyness and helps us ask for a picture from Su Li..

who is she??!! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WEI~ Miss malaysia universe dei! don't mess!

Yuhhui and Levy!
both hashie and i left our courage at home so no pictures for us XP
right or not, sam? inside joke*

So we made our way across the street

the architecture and design here is just awesome wei..
just to sit and enjoy the night view of this structure beats clubbing in KL..
unless ATB or Alphazone is spinning..

and... off with the movie! It was a pretty good flick, better than I expected I expected a uber chic flick but it was quite hilarious.. and it really really portrays a true awesome relationship! Well it was getting late, but when 4 people who love taking pictures get together.. it didn't end there for us, it kinda just started all over again!

goodnight pavillion

Hashie, Yuhhui, Kai Xin and yours truly.

My date for the night, Kai Xin.
and I thought I was bad when I couldn't stop taking pictures..
but she beats me hands down lol

Just when I thought we were about to leave for home.. and being KL people who don't come to KL often, our first time at Starhill Gallery kinda blew us away.. not the designer brands and expensive stuff though.. it was the interior!

I would definitely want to play on a stage like that someday.

That balcony part was a bit out of place, but hey that's what makes it so special!

I love this shot.

From this post you may think that we actually enjoyed taking pictures of the place more than we enjoyed the event.. trust me, they were both equally enjoyable. It was a great experience, great night to meet new people as well! Nice meeting you Nadia and Daley! And Jack, thanks wei. DON EMO A.

Okay you win, Kai Xin!

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