Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maxis Wild Live Blogging with Nuffnang @ Modesto's Hartamas a.k.a Rain

Yet another Nuffnang event! But this was my first ever blogger event (MOH didn't count since most of the people there were from Hong Leong) so it was quite an awesome experience for me!

This post is rather incomplete for the time being but I will continue to upload more photos of people I took pics with.. you guys know who you are :D but for the time being, enjoy. rawr.

This gorilla was actually smoking when we arrived wtf.

this sticker thing was super susah to come out wei.

Since it was a Maxis AND a Nuffnang event, I wasn't too surprised (actually I was la) to see

Yep Isa and

Shaz! who eventually gave up trying to peel off the sticker as well.

Lion.Rawrrrr who the heck is he?

Shaz : "eh that voice dam familiar right.. is it Liang ah?"
yah wei dam familiar.. it's the man himself from Glad Tidings PJ!

And now I want 3 gorillas on the stage!
Tysern you fail laaaa you're a tiger-illa

now I need all the sexy bunnies in the house!

which got liang's wife jealous hahaha

all the bees please!

and the butterflies..
sandwiching Liang are Ee Fei and Debra!

Then they had some scavenger hunt thing going on, where some wild animal figurines made of rubber were hidden all over the place. And if you think it was easy, it wasn't at all! I don't even know how they got so many wei. Confirm steal 1 =.=

wahlow can make zoo d

Peter! who came as a lion/tiger.
he was dammm random man.. going out every single time liang needed an animal wth

they were giving out panda plushies X.X
oh and that male bunny there.. Frankie!
he and Kul won the best dressed couple for MOH.. ring a bell?

Liang doing what he does best

This guy is awesome man! Shad. Supposedly studying in MMU, he came as an elephant terrorist! Very unique costume and still wanna deny that's a sock he used as his trunk lol. Chee Hong on the right, of course.

It IS a wild live blogging event after all and these people love blogging so much they were actually still doing it while a lot of others were eating!

or perhaps they ate quite fast la.

Then it was some charade-like game they played and who better to reenact a scene than

Kenny the Pooh!

Kenny had to draw lots from 3 different jars. Each lot contained a phrase..
1st - You are a (animal name here)
2nd - who is (doing something here)
3rd - (while doing something again, or because something happened)

now if not mistaken, it was.. you are like a cat who is crying because he got raped.
was it raped or whipped? I can't really recall but. Liang gave a countdown but kenny being gile enthusiastic was already in character before he could say go!

wtf. ahaah NOT YET KENNY.

some zebra girl's turn. her's was something about because he/she is your universe.
then bluddy cheesy-ly she said "Liang, you're my universe" wth
I thought I was bad. wrong again mate

Su Ann a.k.a Pinkpau the Ladybird!

I pity him being the only wild SEA creature lol.
seriously kena tease by liang lor.
his was something to do with a chicken dancing with a sexy girl or something.

yeap he was bringing sexyback fo sure...
doing the chicken dance!

Frankie and two party animals I met!
Kevin and Ee Fei!

this scene was awesome, I believe it was you're like a cow being nagged by your mom.
Somehow Pooh bear is maternal? I dont think so but Kenny was quite a good typical malaysian mom!
and all that panda girl on the left had to do was mooo.

Pooh sucking Wee's tits and Cheesie's lovin it?
wtf dammm wronggg.

My neck was elongated away from Ringo cuz I was afraid of her lioness instincts.

Wah all also got Chee in their name!
I know la her name is Ringo.. CHEEsie oso wat =.=
happening wei she, July going Thailand!

Some people want that PSP REALLY badly wei.

Liang and Robb!
The man behind the scenes throughout the night! Mad props to you!

Voting for the best dressed - King of The Jungle and Queen of The Jungle.

Lioness flaunting her mane.. who eventually won Queen of The Jungle.
she kinda deserved it la. she had the look, the costume.. all of it!

Su Ann and Chee Hong!
ahahahh she got some spectrum moustache there..

people taking pictures with Nuffies before the end of the event

Po the Panda along with Robb.

This guy was interesting wei. one of the rather unique costumes of the night.

some rubber band contest debra and some guy won.

prizes prizes prizes!

it's blurry but I'm sure you can spot DJ KennythePooh!

yearrh get ur freak on.

by far the luckiest man I've seen. Isaac.
he won the Sony PSP for being the SECOND best live blog post.
cuz the first wasn't there! I think I know who the first was.. some guy sitting next to us while we were eating - he was photoshop-ing his way to the PSP k!

done with the prizes and down with the booggeyy.
Kenny rockin with liang

Lion revealed! Timothy Tiah!
really friendly and humble guy man.. I'm still surprised that Michelle's his cousin!


now you know how the zookeeper feels when too many animals get together..

It was a mad night.. more pictures to come for sure, ended with a blast - saw Colin there as well. Glad to meet some new people - Rach, Amanda, Kevin, Yi Ting, Tysern and Ee Fei..

It eventually came to an end and Isa was blasting the Manchester United theme outside.. what a call to arms.. but would you still support Man U if this is what their theme song did to you..

retarded song wei.. don't ever listen to it. unless you've already lost your sanity.

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