Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seventeen Roxy Summer Splash @ Sunway

Backdated due to too many pictures. Yes this is going to be another post on the angry mob at Sunway during the event, but hey that's what the people want to hear!

We were a bit late.. just a bit. Dad dropped Chee Hong and I off around 2 something in the pm.. and there's already a welcoming crowd! How thoughtful!


Apparently the crowd wasn't just at the entrance! We tried a shortcut through the hotel stairs and..

failed terribly. Yes we're horrible ninjas unlike Roe.. pro ninja blogger!
(do leave a comment at her blog on the mr potato thing please! thx!)

Out of frustration.. some of us succumb to the weirdest of ways to release tension..

O. So that's what you were looking at. mean, stone, i mean rock, WTV.

Being a person who's always takes the road less travelled, I brought Chee Hong on a hunt for some crazy way down to the wave pool of the lagoon... only to fail miserably. So we headed back and..
w000t. FAREEREADDYYY woo0o0o0o~
don't get me wrong being jakun.. it's just a that I thought the bodykit for this Nissan 350Z (FairladyZ) was pretty matching.. not trying too hard yet not too simple :D

Well if that was Megan Fox hot.. you'd stop and turn your head just like the rest of the world cuz.


In the 3rd pic you can still see people who buat tak tau (act like they don't care).. as if you own one!
All hail thy Lamborghini Murcielago! (correct me if it's a Gallardo)

*takes deep breath* okay. Chill. There are plenty of hot cars on earth.. one of the hottest just happened to past by.. Back to the angry mob.. now we see.. less angry people! Well, still a lot la but more interesting people..

Kelvin! meet your arch nemesis! Mr. Igotafrobiggerthanyours!

There's a story behind this picture. His name is Ian Rait and it's not about him camwhoring cuz I wouldn't waste space on camwhores except those I know hahahaha. He was making a lil documentary thing with his handphone! Talk about discovery travel and adventure wannabes wei!

So as we were lazing around hoping for the crowd to clear (yeah right), we suddenly see these few people carrying music equipment around..

Isn't that Altered Frequency's bassist?

And their drummer! and guy with cymbal!

The reason why their heads are out was cuz we were kinda 'stalking' them.. Sorrylahh.I guess we were too shy and afraid they would eat us XP but they're pretty nice people though we didn't manage to take pictures cuz they seemed really busy attempting to find THEIR way in too LOL.

Imagine being one of the bands to perform on stage, in less than 5 minutes and they're stranded here, like us, random people who come for the event. Talk about 5 star treatment for a band..

Then all of a sudden we saw a side of Sunway you don't see often.

their athletic side.

Then they went off for a gameplan talk.. you know how it is when the scores are even in the 4th quarter with less than a minute to go..

Eventually gave up trying to enter as we could also feel rain droplets.. so we went to pyramid and waited to meet up with Chris..
...that's not Chris.

Note : my bro thinks this guy is giving him a really wrong stare.
quitela actually.

okay now he JUST had to stare at me.

And then some familiar sights..

Phatties! (shuffling pants) and dude with FF7 logo on his shirt!

some random band playing.

After some time Chris showed up, turns out he had to help his friends to look for their car. forgot where they parked wth ahahahha. Anyways, should any of the pictures below turn out fuzzy, it's got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the camera, it's just too much lalaness.. even the lens couldn't handle it.
Chris a.k.a liquidpop leading the way into lalaland..



Ah yes, no lala mall would be complete without a crazy t-shirt store like this!

Was where we had lunch at. Very interesting interior. Uber budget looking but it convinced us refugees anyway.

Ooh. I like.

So that was pretty much it for our SUMMER SPLASH HAHAHAHHAHA. If you actually went through this post, thanks a lot, it means that I'm still funny and lame (har har pleasela cheez try harder elsewhere). If you did not, thanks anyway for dropping by.

and I will be back after this last call with


what ever were you thinking.

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