Thursday, June 05, 2008

cabalrider for the needy. another cabal bot

At a glance you're probably going *nerd....* but I thought I should post this up cuz they're a lot of needy (and lazy) people who couldn't be bother to be overly devoted to this online game.

so here it is, an end to your lifelessness in gaming!


Guide to using the bot - 1

Guide 2

Guide 3

Botsmall (Latest untitled bot)

DISCLAIMER : I do not hold any responsibility for the consequences of visiting the sites above as well as any transfers made (uploading or downloading) to or from the sites above. Bot at your own risk.

Oh forgot to add. This is mostly for SEA and EU users. If there's NA version of it, good for u NA users and don't come flaming me saying I didn't include NA. I'm just doing this out of goodwill to help those people who're EXTREMELY lazy to go through forums and the endless pages of google search results.

PS: I will not respond to any requests regarding this post. Should my cbox be spammed with any responses regarding this post, I will delete it for the greater good. Good day.