Saturday, June 28, 2008


I've been searching all over the place for these babies.. I even wiki-ed the brand just to find out why the heck have I not seen them in Malaysia..

These are Kustom skateboarding shoes, a brand related to Billabong (ah.. that's why la so expensive). I freaking want them!

Skateboarding shoes actually have a reason to be so pricey - there's a lot of technology involved.. since skateboarders land after completing a trick in all sorts of directions, the shoes must be designed to cater the needs of these dudes! They actually have internal lacing, meaning the lace does not only go around the outside, but on the inside as well!

And how much are they? - 99.95 AUD - 48.99 GBP

also available from but price not available.. that's a swedish site btw.

You're no skater! why do you need a pair of these?
true, I'm not a skater. I need em' cuz every one or two years I destroy my shoes by prancing around in a trance people call shuffling. If I were to get them.. you won't see me buying another shoe in 5 years time at least lol. I could choose other skate shoes, but they probably won't look as pretty as these Kustom Kontages..

So if you know where to get these.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. okthxbye :D no seriously thank you so much.

I can only dream..

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