Tuesday, June 03, 2008

remember the cross

Recently Ps. Joshua's messages are related to family and all.. and last weekend was a family outing (damn I don't know how long it's been since we had one) for us.. It was awesomela. Incase you don't know me, trips make me very happy. Really. Had this trip with my family once just a day trip down to klang, then pd, then seremban, then back up to kajang.. dam fun la really.. words can't really describe that kind of excitement but yeaa it's seriously awesome!

Anyways, this trip was a bit different. We actually had to dig up some old books that could be exchanged for entry tickets.. yeah so now you know it's some kinda event.

For every 10 books donated, we're entitled to one entry ticket! These donated books will be given to various charity bodies.. brilliant idea wei!

I used to read a lot when I was a kid, thanks to mom and dad who began with bedtime stories.. which eventually converted me into a Blyton fanatic.. I seriously *hands down* LOVE enid blyton! last time maybe.. but there's just so much memories in these books man..

Among my favourites from Enid Blyton, the Mr. Twiddle series! :D

Though I may have been a fanatic I sure didn't have enough of Mr.Twiddles books to prove I was one.. but seriously.. those were the days.. pardon me , reminiscing a bit here..

And there's this particular book that caught my eye.. I kid you not, this MUST HAVE BEEN THE REASON I'M THE LAMO I AM TODAY.

No kidding. Blyton must've been drunk when she did this one.

These books contributed had to be in rather good condition, i.e. readable and not filled with child graffiti (moustached people and stars and scribbles). So I found another book, Princess Shee-Ra or something like that. And when I turned to THIS PAGE...

I'm talking bout the dark creature, not the bimbo GI joe k.

Anyways, such great times. Parents decided to eat before going to the bookfair so I had to lead the way to an old place we used to go during A-levels..

Wah sien. Was closed.. but the Toto 4D shop 3 doors down was open and FULL!
This shop sells chilli pan mee.. this is the GENUINE one k! on this street there was another imposter punye.. rip off.. how Malaysian.

Instead we settled for Ngau Kee beef ball noodles on Tengkat Tung Shin next to Alor.. And after a MADDDDD meal..

"Welcome to Readcycle airlines. If youu luckky, we take youu go beiijingg!"

"The Third Annual Overseas Chinese Book Fair"

Which is a whole lot of bollocks because half the fair was owned by popular, the rest were CDs, tongkat ali stores, samsung booths, ASIASOFT and KUNG FU WORLD WTF?!

I didn't take pictures because I was actually reading a book okay. Rather too engrossed with it.

Is it just me.. or does it look like a communist recruitment drive?

PS: Thanks Chee Hong! You got me updating again! You guys should check out my bro's blog, over HERE.

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